Welcome to #yeg Escape Room Roundup!


Welcome to our new obsession-turned-review blog: #yeg Escape Room Roundup!

Jason and I have become addicted to escape rooms. So much so that we’ve done practically every room in the city! We know that lots of other people are getting caught up in the trend, so we decided to review our experience of the rooms.

We did it from two different perspectives: amazingly, much of the time, we agree. But it’s nice to get differing POVs on some rooms that I really liked and Jason didn’t, or vice versa.

We make sure not to give away too much so that you can be as excited/surprised/wowed as possible when you go do these rooms, and we try to be fair about our experiences.

Hopefully this will help guide you to your next escape room adventure, whether you’re a rookie or a vet!

Feel free to comment and add your thoughts on the rooms if you’ve done them yourself.

We’ve started with our three favourite places in the city, Escape City, GTFO, and Breakout, we’ve just added our reviews for most of the rooms at Eescape and we’ll have the two SmartyPantz rooms we did up soon!

Enjoy and good luck solving your next escape room!


9 thoughts on “Welcome to #yeg Escape Room Roundup!

  1. Lamya, I totally miss hearing you on the radio and totally recognized your voice when I heard you on CBC! I am totally going to round up some friends and start doing these rooms. Hearing your story on the radio got my 10yr old son pretty excited…. Are there escape rooms for kids to try out…. like a small party of 10yr olds? Or even a small party of 12-13yr olds. Any comments or recommendations would be great as I have 2 birthdays to plan out in the next couple of months!

    All the best and great to see/hear you!



    1. Lisa! Thanks so much for this! Very sweet. There are a few good starter rooms: Secret Lab at Breakout has a few things kids can do, although it requires some adult thinking at the end. Morning Never Comes at SmartyPantz is good for young kids. Keller’s Magic Emporium at Escape City is a good starter room, although there are some spooky things in there, so that’s something to think about. Good luck no matter what you try and keep me posted! 😊 -Lamya


  2. Hi Lamya,
    My hubby and I have done all of the GTFO room with friends and we’d like to try an escape with just the two of us to see how we do. Are there any rooms in the city that you would recommend we try with only two people?


    1. Hi Angela! I think Keller’s Magic Emporium at Escape City is a good one for two. Also, possibly Secret Lab at Breakout, or even a couple of rooms at SmartyPantz (although those are lower on our list of favourites). Good luck!


  3. This is a pretty cool little website you guys have created here and an incredible resource for Edmonton. Would you guys mind if I link to your site?


  4. Hi there, love your blog! What companies allow for larger teams ( for a birthday party with 10 ppl?) Or are there any where two rooms or groups compete? Thanks so much and I love reading about your experiences before I go to an escape room!


    1. Christine! Thanks so much for reading and we’re so happy it could be helpful! There is one player vs. player room that I think can accommodate 10. It’s at Breakout East and it’s called PVP. We got a chance to test it and it creates some friendly but intense competition between groups. I was also recently to Logic Lock and loved their Warehouse of Thieves room. Not sure that could accommodate 10 but they have two rooms. Escape City has good experience with group events. And we also both love GTFO!

      I hope this is helpful. Let us know if you have any other questions and keep us posted on what you choose and how it goes! -Lamya


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