Three New Reviews!

laser quest fail

First off, thanks so much for checking out our escape room review blog! We’ve had such an overwhelming response: people viewing each and every page, commenting, asking us for recommendations! The only thing more fun than doing an escape room is talking about it and letting you know which ones are great, so thanks!

We have three new reviews up! We’ve now done all rooms at SmartyPantz with the (successful!) completion of Morning Never Comes.

We tried out the least-talked about hidden gem Key Quest at Laser Quest in the west end. We had some good things to say about both The Cellar and Vacation Vandals (our featured image will give you an idea of how we fared in these rooms).

And we plan on adding a review for Sinking Boat at Eescape in the next week.

Check out our new reviews and happy escaping!


2 thoughts on “Three New Reviews!

  1. If you do any more in Calgary I was there for a team building event we went to and did maxims dinner party. It was very neat their rooms are hosted by someone in character. The host stays in the room the whole time in character gently suggesting or making comments if it’s clear you are stuck. We had a group of 7 and most of us were newbies. We got soooo close to finishing! It was a lot of fun though!


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