It Finally Happened



Jason- So on Wednesday evening it finally happened: Lamya and I completed our last escape room in Edmonton. At this point there isn’t a single escape room in the city left to do. We will have our reviews of Mayhem Ranch at Breakout up shortly but we just wanted to write something about this weird accomplishment. It feels strange to be done all the rooms. This isn’t something we set out to do. As excited as I was to do Mayhem Ranch, I was still a little hesitant because I didn’t want to have done all the rooms. It’s like that last Christmas present under the tree. You don’t want to open it because as soon as you do Christmas will be over. We always liked the idea of coming home from one escape room place knowing that there was always another one to do. I also have to say that aside from creating our own escape room in our house, completing all the rooms in Edmonton is the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done and I’ve loved doing this with Lamya.

This is an exciting time in Edmonton right now for people who enjoy escape rooms. Brand new places like GTFO and The Room have just opened and a couple more are on the way shortly. A second Breakout location is opening in Capilano and InTRAP looks to make its debut on Whyte Ave in February. Lamya and I won’t have to wait long before we can start doing rooms again. We’re also excited to see the new things that places like GTFO and Escape City come up with, as well as Breakout. Right now it seems like all this competition is a good thing for people in Edmonton who are liking this new form of entertainment.

Hopefully this blog has been helpful to those of you out there who were looking for good recommendations for places to try out for the first time or for places to go to get a great challenge. Writing these reviews has been a great way to go over our experiences and it’s been a lot of fun. So for a week or so, Lamya and I will sit back and relax knowing that we’ve done all we can to review every single escape room experience in Edmonton. We can’t wait for more!


8 thoughts on “It Finally Happened

  1. Thanks for your excellent blog – I too am an escape room addict, and I enjoy reading about the exploits of others. Is there any plan to go back and do an official review of “The Room” now that it is open to the public?


  2. Hey Jason and Lamya,

    I’m the breakout staff member who helped you in Mayhem Ranch. I just wanted to say I love that there are other addicts me and I love reading your reviews.

    Just wanted to let you know that us addicts won’t have to wait long: The X-Realm is opening March 4th! (according to their facebook)

    Excited to read about your experiences!


  3. Hey guys! I love your reviews, and i’ll be trying my first escape room soon. Is there any chance you’ll review the haunted apartment, in InTRAP?


    1. Hey Jack. Haunted Apartment at InTrap is one of the few we haven’t done in the city. Going by our experiences with their other two rooms I’m sure it’s a good one. We’ll put up a review as soon as we visit InTrap again.


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