Is Escape Room Tourism a Thing?


Lamya and I are getting ready to go on a little weekend trip to Victoria, BC and while we’re there we are (of course) going to check out some escape rooms. We also did some escape rooms while in Calgary (we’ll write those reviews eventually). So this begs the question, is escape room tourism a thing? The answer, as far as I’m concerned, is no. We have a long list of things we want to do in Victoria. Things to eat, things to see, places to visit, and just one of the things on that list is to do escape rooms. We love doing them and there are only so many places in Edmonton- even though that number is growing, and trying escape rooms in different cities is just another way to experience things in that city. I hear the escape rooms in Vancouver are on another level but I’m not sure we would ever travel to Vancouver just to try escape rooms. Although, if you want to fly us out to try your Vancouver escape rooms then we can talk more.

Every place does things a little differently. There is one place in Victoria that we won’t be going to because they have a flat rate for bookings of $125. So that makes it hard for just a couple to go as a couple. You pretty much have to have a team of people ready to go with you. They don’t match groups with other groups. Seems weird to me but that’s just how it is. We will be doing some horror-themed escape rooms so that sounds fun. So now when people ask us if the rooms are scary we will have to say yes, or else it means they didn’t do things right.

So the moral of the story is don’t travel to a city just to do an escape room, but if you’re in a new place then maybe look up if they have an escape room facility or two. It’s a fun way to experience the city and try something new.


6 thoughts on “Is Escape Room Tourism a Thing?

  1. My sister and I got back from doing 14 rooms in 2 days during a trip to Budapest. Is escape room tourism a thing? or an illness? I’ll be posting reviews soon if anyone is interested.


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