New Reviews for Calgary and Victoria!

It’s going to be a rainy long weekend so escape rooms might be the perfect way to spend it!

You can check out all our other reviews for Edmonton escape rooms. And we’ve now added some reviews from other locations.

As you well know, Jason and I look for escape rooms everywhere we go and we’ve made mention of doing some escape rooms while on vacation.

We’ve finally caught up on some of those closer-to-home rooms we’ve done in the past year, including three spots in Calgary (here, here and here) and one in Victoria.

Good luck and happy escaping!

14 thoughts on “New Reviews for Calgary and Victoria!

  1. What rooms would you recommend for a few girls in the 12 year old range? I want to take my daughter and some of her friends to an escape room. It is their (and my) first time, so I would like it to be an enjoyable one.


    1. Hi Sophie! For younger girls, we would recommend Keller’s Magic Emporium (there’s a little bit of fake gore, but it’s mild). Pharaoh’s Treasure at InTrap is pretty cool. Once you’ve done a few, anything at GTFO is great. Hope that helps!


  2. I’m not sure about Keller’s Magic Emporium, because of the rating for 16+, and the location for InTrap is a little inconvenient. Do you have any other recommendations? It’s fine if you don’t, I’m sure I could arrange something.


      1. I feel you! It is a bit intimidating but I really love reading your thoughts on the different rooms in Edmonton. It helps us to decide which places to prioritize now that there are so many. Thanks for your awesome site!

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      2. Hey Kylie! Just FYI: we finally got our butts to the two places you asked about and posted a review for one room at each spot. Hope they’re helpful! 😊


  3. Thanks for the update! They are very helpful. We recently tried the agent room at Escape Emporium and felt very similarily to you both. I don’t think we will be going back to try the other rooms.


    1. Thank you so much Allison! We really appreciate the kind words.

      Hmmm. Keller’s Magic Emporium at Edcape City or two at InTrap (Pharaoh’s Treasure and the Haunted Apartment) are all good ones.

      We’re curious: which was the first room you tried?


  4. I tried to post a comment on another thread but I don’t think it worked, if it did I am sorry haha
    I did a couple rooms at Breakout West this evening, and although I really enjoyed BOMB I still just don’t feel the quality can touch anything at GTFO or Escape City (I have not done the cube there though). So far I’ve done all but The Great Discovery and Visting Hour at Escape City and GTFO respectively, all at Breakout except The Cube, The Cellar at Key Quest, Back To The Future at E Escape, and The Haunted Apartment at INTRAP. Personally based on what you guys mentioned in your beta test post this evening, I’m scared my passion for rooms may soon run out too. Every time I’ve strayed from GTFO and Escape City I end up bored, underwhelmed or frustrated. I understand that these things are expected sometimes with what the hobby is, but in certain rooms it just seems like well put frustrating moments or being underwhelmed is for a higher pay off and in other cases, the polar opposite. Based on my track record I thought Kellers and The Heist are what I would call perfect rooms, using a similar review system that you guys do! Anything you guys could recommend that might compare? The Great Discovery and Visiting Hour, I will be doing regardless. I’m mostly looking for other establishments to wear out since my favourites are almost done 😦 keep the reviews coming, big fan of the blog. Cheers ☕️!!!!!


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