Unlock Adventures Presents: Red Planet Expeditions (AKA the escape room in that guy’s garage)

Pssst. Over here. Hey, did you hear the one about the two guys in Edmonton who built an escape room in their garage? Well these two guys built an escape room in their garage and it is pretty sweet. Unlock Adventures is the name of their company and they’re already working on their next room. For now they have just one room and you better check them out soon before someone’s girlfriend has to park her car in their this winter.

As far as general info goes we will say that this place is absolutely legit. Check their Facebook page to make a booking and find all relevant info there. These two guys are escape room enthusiasts and the room that they built is on par with most of the escape room places in Edmonton. The room we did was better than many we’ve done for sure, in my opinion.

We did this room a couple weeks ago as a group of 5 and we did not escape the room but we had a lot of fun. We went right to the very end but couldn’t solve the final puzzle. In terms of difficulty I would say that it is on the harder end of the spectrum. The puzzles are challenging but it helps when you have a larger group. I would say a group of 4 is probably the smallest that should attempt this room. A group of two or three would really have to move in this room.

Creativity-wise, what more can you say about an escape room built out of someone’s garage? It’s incredible what these guys created on their own and they made terrific use out of the space. The storyline itself is also pretty unique and they have a few others features that you may not see in any other escape room in Edmonton.

This being a passion project I cannot recommend Red Planet Expeditions enough. It was pure fun doing this escape room in a completely different environment that was created by two fans of escape rooms. From set design to the way the puzzles were thought out to the little extra features and tech in this room there really is a lot to see and experience here. I encourage anyone who’s done even just one escape room in Edmonton before that liked their experience to get a group together to check these guys out. I also encourage anyone out there that works at one of the many escape room facilities in Edmonton to check these guys out as well. Maybe you might learn a thing or two or maybe you could just pass along a word of encouragement to Unlock Adventures. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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