Are Escape Rooms Accessible?


Lamya and I are often asked for different kinds of escape room recommendations. Scary rooms, rooms that are good for kids or first timers, stuff like that. Recently we were asked about our room recommendations that would be suitable and possible for someone who is in a wheelchair. We’d never thought of this obstacle before. It’s obviously something we’ve taken for granted. We have thought of some options for escape rooms in Edmonton that we think would work best if you’re in a wheelchair because in a lot of these rooms there is some more space to move around and there aren’t things up high or down low that you’d need to reach. Your brain power is needed most and if you can just get past the first obstacle of being able to get into the building then you can have a lot of fun in these rooms.

We’re not trying to chastise any place that cannot allow for wheelchair access. Some places are in older buildings and they’re upstairs or downstairs or just have rooms with some tight access points that wouldn’t work well. It’s not a judgement but we’re just trying to help people find a place that would work for them. We also want to hear from you about any experiences you may have had doing an escape room in a wheelchair. How was your experience? Let us know in the comments or share with us in an email and we’ll share it here.

This is a list of rooms we think should be easy to navigate in a wheelchair. We’ll add to it as more suggestions roll in.

  • Logic Lock– Lamya and I both agree that Logic Lock’s rooms have the space to be able to handle someone in a wheelchair. You’d never be in a really tight spot and there are no difficult passageways to navigate either. I just spoke with Logic Lock and they let me know that there is an elevator that can take you to their second floor location. They say their rooms are all wheelchair accessible and someone would be there to help you get past any physical obstacle that came up. This one of our top recommendations anyway so we’re happy that their rooms also work for people in wheelchairs.
  • Keller’s Magic Emporium (Escape City)– There is a lot of space in parts of this room. It’s already a pretty good intro room to do (although there is some creepy stuff involved) but otherwise it should be very manageable for wheelchairs.
  • Neurological (Escape City)– This is a big room and I don’t see any obstacles at all for anyone in a wheelchair. It should also be said that Escape City is on the main floor and all the rooms are probably technically accessible but the other rooms are a little tight to maneuver. If you’ve tried one of the other ones at Escape City and found it easy enough in a wheelchair then let us know.
  • Exit This is another escape room place that is at street level and most rooms should have space for a wheelchair to move around. Some more than others but they have pretty solid rooms so it could be a good place to try out.
  • Time Escape– They have a ramp to get into the building and most rooms are a fair size as well and set up like Exit’s rooms in terms of size and there aren’t any tight access points.

After writing this list I am now genuinely curious about this issue. We would love to hear from anyone who works at an escape room place that may have had a person in a wheelchair attempt one or more of their rooms. What was the experience like from your perspective? And of course, as we mentioned, anyone in a wheelchair or with mobility issues who’s tried a room, we’d like to hear from you too.

We’ll add or subtract to this list based on your suggestions and experiences.Hopefully you have a great experience.

3 thoughts on “Are Escape Rooms Accessible?

  1. This is such an important post! Whenever we do escape rooms we think about whether folks with disabilities or limited mobility would be able to enjoy the room. We also appreciate rooms that are transparent about small spaces, crawling, etc.

    we are interested to see this post be added to as you get feedback.


  2. Thank you for this information on a few different places. We are looking at taking our 16 year old daughter in a wheelchair to one. We will definitely be checking out one of these places. I will follow up and let you know our opinion on the rooms

    Thanks so much for doing a recommendation on this. Wheelchairs and accessibility are very over looked and there are tons of barriers that the average person does everyday that can make the simplisesy task unacheivable to someone in a wheelchair.


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