Best Escape Rooms in Edmonton Vol. 3

June  2017

With all the new rooms and places in the city, it’s time for us to update our list! It seems obvious that the number one question we get is “What room should I start with?” and we have our go-to suggestions, but this list, our third one, is probably our most accurate one yet. In the past posts (here and here), we wanted to give some outside spot a little love because why not? But with so many escape room places in Edmonton, it’s time to get serious. So here it is, our updated Best Escape Rooms in Edmonton list!


5) Warehouse of Thieves – Logic Lock

This room holds a special place in my heart because it was one of the first rooms I ever did with my niece and nephew and sister, and we were great at it (they were, actually)! But beyond that, it’s just a fun, cool room to be in, and it’s a perfect room for rookies. There are a lot of rooms in the city I think newcomers could solve, but they don’t come close to matching the atmosphere, design, wows, service, and just overall quality of this room. Logic Lock is in my Top 3 for escape room places in Edmonton, and I can’t recommend this room enough.

4) The Directive – GTFO

You’ll be hearing a lot about GTFO in my half of the post, but as I mentioned above, there are three really quality escape room places in Edmonton, and GTFO is probably right at the top for me. Their rooms are well-thought-out, they’re great to look at, they make sense, they’re solvable, they WORK, and they’re just a lot of fun. The Directive is their first new room after their re-opening (they were shut down for quite a while because of fire damage and we had seriously been WAITING just go back there!). The room is very neat and is a combo of things we’d seen in other rooms, but just done way, way, way better and smarter. This is an excellent team exercise, so bring people who don’t easily annoy you, lol.

3) Nightfall – GTFO

We did this room a long time ago and failed but I so badly want to do it again, just to be in that room. At the time, it was one of the first rooms to try an outdoor theme, and I thought they nailed it. The room has a really great variety of challenges and would be great for a group of at least 4 so you can get all the brain types working. Normally, I don’t care a ton about the story line, but this room was so immersive that you bought into it without even knowing.

2) NeurologicalEscape City

So here’s my third entry into the Top 3 escape room places in the city. This room is unlike any escape room I have ever seen and it was AMAZING! It’s one of the only rooms for bigger groups and groups who are really up for a challenge. The “tech” in this room was outrageous and even if we hadn’t solved it (we did!), I would have been happy just to see this room. Once you’ve done a few starter rooms, head here. It’s truly a unique and worthwhile experience.

1) The Heist – GTFO

This room has been my solid #1 for each top-spot post we’ve done. I just remember feeling great in this room, being able to slowly put together little things here and there to build this wonderful momentum that led to a very cool final puzzle. It’s a great room for people just getting into escape rooms and definitely the first room to do at GTFO. Overall, it’s a quality room and lots of fun!


5) Expedition– Sidequests

As I’m writing this list Lamya and I have done over 90% of the escape rooms in Edmonton. The remaining rooms we are saving to do with friends or family later in the summer or they aren’t quite open yet or we just don’t want to go back to a particular place. We’ve done a lot of rooms. People ask us questions a lot about which rooms to try and this list is our go-to list for rooms we don’t think will disappoint pretty much any group of people, whether they’re experienced or not at doing escape rooms. I have a soft spot for Sidequests. They’re relatively new in Edmonton and they have a good location, even though they have to deal with the disadvantage of being located underneath a bar/restaurant/music venue that is perpetually closed,under renovation, or “re-branding”. Sidequests puts a lot of heart and thought into their escape rooms. Right now they have two rooms and a mini-room that is a good introduction to escape room puzzles for newcomers. Expedition has a very nice design and progression to it. They have a unique puzzle system the provides a lot of satisfaction to the user when they get something right. There’s a good amount to get done in this room for a group of 4 so you’re always busy trying to get something done. The main thing I remember about this room is having fun and being impressed by how they made the most of their space. I also like how this room gives players their clues. It’s a very solid room and I’m happy to have a newer face on this list.

4) Poltergeist– Logic Lock

This room has a lot of things going for it. It has that creepiness factor, wow factor, different types of puzzles and a cool design. It’s one of those rooms where you can build a good momentum and if you have a larger group of people you can have some people working on one puzzle while another group works on another. It keeps things moving quickly without much lag. Once again I look back on my most memorable experiences in an escape room when compiling this list and I just remember having fun and feeling immersed in the experience and that’s why this room makes the list. You can’t really go wrong at Logic Lock but this room is great if you want that extra detail in your room of it being sort of creepy and scary.

3) Warehouse of Thieves– Logic Lock

This might be your safest bet in the whole city for your first escape room to try- especially with kids. The design makes it so intriguing but it’s still open and not too intimidating. I was not at my best when I attempted this room and that disappointed me because I knew that there was so much to discover if we advanced further on into the room. You will have fun in this room and you’ll love how Logic Lock gives their clues and suggestions to players.

2) Neurological– Escape City

File this one under: “You have got to see this”. It is impressive in ambition as well as the scope of the room and the different kinds of tech it employs. Ambitious is the best word you can use for this room but it is also a larger room and can easily accommodate a group of 10 or so. It’s an engrossing experience and shows the kind of commitment that Escape City has for making great rooms. If you take the two newest rooms at Escape City- Neurological and The Cabin- then you can tell that they are heading in the right direction for creating some really fun and immersive escape room experiences.

1) All of GTFOGTFO

No, this is not a sponsored post. I am just trying to be completely honest with anyone reading this because I think that spending $25 on an escape room is not nothing. Especially when it’s a family of 4 ($100) or a group of 6 friends ($150).  That’s a lot of money and you want to have a good experience when you spend that kind of money. I believe that every room at GTFO is great and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Some are harder than others and I have small critiques on each room but you can’t go wrong when you choose GTFO. It’s hard to deny. We just tried their newest room, The Directive and it was very impressive. I think it sagged a tiny bit in the middle but the ending is so impressive and you have so much work to do that a group of 6 would have a great time attempting this room. I want to give some further consideration to Visiting Hours. The more I think back on that room the more I think it was a fantastic experience for a group of six friends. There is plenty to do and it gets progressively harder and more intense as you go on. We had a lot of fun in that room. You already know how we feel about Heist and Nightfall. It’s clear with this new Top 5 that there is still some uncovered territory with escape rooms in Edmonton and even after attempting over 50 rooms in Alberta there are still ways to impress and surprise escape room lovers and vets alike. The future is bright.

Honorable mentions: 

  • Jailbreak (Thrillscape)- very ambitious in scale and scope. An ‘A’ for effort.
  • Castle Secrets (Time Escape)- cool room for couple or three or four people. Neat design and tech.
  • Division 37 (Exit)- easy room that’s good for starters and groups with kids.
  • Gallery (Logic Lock)- good design and tech. Fun to try with kids as well. Decent challenge level. Some wow factor.




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10 thoughts on “Best Escape Rooms in Edmonton Vol. 3

  1. Hi there!

    I love your website and am constantly coming her to check on which rooms we should try next. I’m wondering if you can recommend a room (or two) that works really well for just two people, as my husband and I would like to go sometime on our own. Thanks!


    1. Hi there! Thanks so much! We’re so glad to hear that the site is helpful. For a room for two, Castle Secrets at Time Escape, Uncle at Sidequests and Clinic it Division 37 at Exit could work! We hope that helps and good luck!!


  2. I just stumbled here and since you’ve been to most of the Edmonton rooms, can you tell me a few that would accept a group of 10 in a single room? I’ve got Neurological on my list…


    1. Hi Courtney! Thanks for getting in touch! Neurological is really your best bet. There is a large room at SmartyPantz but we have a friend who did it who didn’t think it was the greatest. There’s also Jailbreak at Thrillscape but often, there wasn’t something for everyone to do and we were just 5. So for now, we would just recommend. Neurological. Good luck!


    1. We would recommend The Heist at GTFO, Warehouse of Thieves or The Gallery at Logic Lock, and Keller’s Magic Emporium at Escape City (a bit scary) for rookies! If they have been to escape rooms before, Nightfall at GTFO and The Inheritance at Escape City. Hope that helps!


  3. Hi – thank you so much for this site and for your very detailed reviews. The number of escape rooms in Edmonton has become overwhelming! I’ve done 3 myself, but am looking for recommendations for my daughter’s family birthday party. She’s turning 8, so ages would range from 6 to 77! We would likely have 16 people, 6 being kids so maybe the best is to split into 2 rooms? Only my husband and I have done a room before. Warehouse of Thieves makes both lists above so sounds great for beginners – what would be your second recommendation for my group at Logic Lock? Or do you have a different recommendation altogether? Thank you!


    1. Hi Tracey! Thanks so much for taking a look at our site! Yes, a great start would be at Logic Lock and Warehouse of Thieves, as well as The Gallery, which is about the same difficulty and also a lot of fun! That should work nicely for your group! If you needed to split into a third room, Poltergeist is fun but a little creepyaybe no young ones in there. Keep us posted and good luck!


    1. Hi Debbie! For the most part, escape rooms spots won’t pair you up with strangers (thank goodness!). You could try UNCLE at Sidequests, Pharaoh’s Treasure and Haunted Apartment at InTrap or Detention at Breakout East! Good luck and keep us posted!


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