This is a review of most of the escape rooms in Edmonton (because we’ve done almost all of the rooms in the city!). Written by Lamya Asiff and Jason Lee Norman , we hope to help you choose which escape rooms to do based on challenge levels, creativity, wow factor and overall experience. We have some similar and some differing perspectives on the rooms, and we give you some advice on who you should do the rooms with, and what you can expect, without giving up spoilers.



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  1. Found your blog through CBC.ca! What PERFECT luck and timing. It is so difficult to find reviews or even finding the newer companies period. This site is a great idea! Thank you for sharing your experiences & reviews!!


  2. Much like yourselves, my girlfriend, Jenna, and I are obsessed with escape games. With that said, do you know if any new rooms are opening soon? We went on a binge, and there’re no other rooms to do in the city. I need my fix; or else, I don’t know what I will do!


    1. Haha! We totally understand the feeling you have right now! Luckily, there are so many new places opening up. Not sure if you’ve tried the new Breakout in Capilano, but that’s open. New places called Side Quests, Logic Lock, Escape Emporium and Time Escape are all opening in the next few months! Good luck and keep us posted!


  3. Hello, what a fantastic blog!

    I work for the library and we are trialing a free escape room this friday night and saturday ONLY (aug 26 and 27). We would love for you to come and “review” our escape room and maybe even give some expert pointers. If you’re available please call us at the Stanley Milner branch and ask for the Makerspace.

    Also feel free to share the invite to any escape room fans.


  4. Hi guys,

    Any chance you could recommend a place and a room for an 8 year olds party? My son really wants to do one of these… Feel free to disuade me. Instead of calling each Edmonton place I thought I would ask your expert opinions first. TIA!


    1. Hi Heather! We could definitely recommend a few rooms for your son! We wouldn’t dissuade you, but the rooms can be a little difficult if no adult is present at all. If an adult will be around, Warehouse of Thieves at Logic Lock is a great room. One that we don’t normally recommend that could be fun for a group of 8 year olds in the room alone could be The Room’s “The Contestants.” We don’t have an official review on here for it but there are a lot of hand-eye coordination games that can be done by people of any age! Those would be the two to start with. Good luck!


  5. My husband and I went to our first ever escape room at eescape last month and totally loved it! Our kids are really interested in going, they are 14, 12 and 9. I am wondering if you can recommend one or two places and rooms that would be appropriate for us. It is so hard to tell from the websites. Some places say they are kid friendly but then their easier rooms say for 16+. I’m assuming it would be best to start at an easier level. Thanks for your help!


    1. Hi Dixie!! We would recommend Warehouse of Thieves at Logic Lock! We think you could have a lot of fun in there! And Poltergeist also at Logic Lock is a little creepy but fun. Depends how squeamish your 9 year old is. Another place that could work is Escape City. They are a harder. Keller’s Magic Emporium is the easiest but again, depends on how squeamish the kids are. The Inheritance could work! Hope that helps. Keep us posted and good luck!


      1. Thanks so much! I just ran across your post on warehouse of thieves! 🙂

        Great website. I will definitely share it with friends!

        Incidentally, it’s our youngest who tends to be the least squeamish. Haha


  6. I was looking for escape room reviews and found this and it was amazing ! Then I realized Lamya was a co-writer/owner of it (huge P&D fan) and got even even more excited. I had a question regarding a malfunction in a specific escape room that you reviewed. We had a malfunction as well and just wanted to know if it was the same one and that they had just neglected to address it. but don’t want to leave the comment here in case of spoilers 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Liahlee! So glad you found us and the site could be helpful. We’ve actually experienced a lot of malfunctions lately. While we like the rooms, we’ve seen malfunctions in Poltergeist at Logic Lock twice. We also had malfunctions at Eescape (Held Hostage), Intrap, and most recently, Breakout East (so many in Diamond Heist!). We also had a very frustrating one in Time Escape’s Imperial Palace room. 😡


      1. Hello again ! That is so unfortunate :(, it’s unfair to expect people to spend $$$ and then have issues with the room. This one was at Escape City in Inheritance ! I think Jason mentioned that the big finale didn’t work out. Sigh :/


  7. Hey. Im just wondering what you would recommend for a family with some adults and some younger ones (12 years old) I have already done Division 37, Kellers and secret lab. Most of my family is new to escape rooms.
    I was looking at Expedition, Castle, Break & Enter or Harvester Hotel


    1. Hi Morgan! At Thrillscape, of the two you’ve included, we would recommend Harvester Hotel. Expedition could definitely work and we always recommend GTFO (The Heist especially) and Logic Lock (Warehouse of Thieves). Good luck and keep us posted!


  8. Hi, what a great site for getting info on lots of businesses in one place!
    I am looking for recommendation for a room(s) in Edm for a team party for 12 girls (15 & 16 yr old). We could split into 2 or more groups and include an adult in each if needed. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!


    1. Hi Vic!

      Thanks so much! So glad to hear the info is helpful!

      For a team party, and anything really, we would recommend first and formeost GTFO! They have three rooms that could be fun to split into, especially The Heist and Nightfall. Secondly, we’d recommend Logic Lock. They have four rooms but we’d recommend Warehouse of Thieves and Ptetgeist for the party.

      Good luck and keep us posted!


  9. Great site! Wondering if you have any recommendations for a first escape room for a keen 11 year old and me, his mom? I’ve done just two rooms before with a group of friends, but want to make sure my son has a great first experience.


    1. Hi there! Thanks so much for your comment! For a group of three, we would recommend Warehouse of Thieves or The Gallery at Logic Lock, and also Detention at Breakout East. We also love all of GTFO’s rooms but would probably recommend The Heist if you had a 4th person. Hope that helps! Good luck!


      1. Thanks so much for your suggestions. We completely enjoyed The Gallery and we will definitely be back for more. I really appreciate this site and your help.

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