Breakout (Calgary)

General Info

Atmosphere upon arrival:

Lamya – Pretty cool. Breakout (Calgary) has a nice open space, there’s a couch to sit on, a photo wall, lockers. Pretty standard stuff but it’s nice not to be so crowded like other lobbies. Truth be told, we hardly noticed anything upon arrival because all we saw were 4 people waiting and we knew they had to be booked for the room we were doing. I don’t mind admitting that I kind of always hope someone gives and says “oh, we’ll wait for the next time slot.” And they did! It’s really hard and awkward doing rooms with strangers, so this was a relief.

Jason – It’s pretty unassuming in its location and lobby area. If you were brought in there blindfolded you might think you were in the Edmonton location. There’s a similar feel to the waiting area.


Lamya – Great! The host was cheerful and welcoming when we walked in. He was interesting to talk to because he mentioned that he had helped with the design for the Breakouts in Edmonton, which was really cool. The staff were friendly and helpful with their hints.

Jason – Service could not have been better. So much enthusiasm and a genuine interest in helping us have a great escape room experience. The host was also ready to give us more escape room suggestions for Vancouver and other places we were planning to visit.