Final Request

We didn’t solve this room. It was just the two of us in February (2016) and while we were a little hopeless with some of the puzzles, we made it about 80% of the way through.

Challenge level:

Lamya – Wow…definitely a challenge. Even if we had done this room with a full complement of 6 players, I think it might have taken us as long to complete. Which is not to say it’s unsolvable obviously…it’s just definitely not for rookies. There are some rookie mistakes we made, and then there were other things that took a lot of time and organization and thought, which I appreciate. *This little asterisk is to denote the fact that we got lucky with one puzzle that wasn’t reset properly. Without that, we likely wouldn’t have made it out.

Jason –  We would have needed another 2 or 3 people or 15 more minutes to finish this room the proper way. This room has a very good amount of challenge and the puzzle progression (TM) is excellent. There is lots to do so having more than two people in your group would be an asset.



Lamya – This room was a treat to look at! Visually, there was a lot to excite you with. It was fun to be working in that environment. There were a lot of puzzles that we had seen the concept of before but were done differently here. It just seemed obvious that the room was designed by someone who had put a lot of thought into it.

Jason – This room reminded me of the great room designs that Escape City have and that Breakout Edmonton can have in some of their best rooms. The clues are all well thought out and the story and room design are lots of fun. The end definitely feels very exciting and a little frantic. A really good challenge and lots of fun.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – Admittedly, we’re writing this review months after we did the room, but while I enjoyed the room, I can’t remember anything that blew me away. Lots of neat things, so it was never boring. But I don’t think there was anything that wow-ing in the room.

Jason – Wow factor is a little different here. Nothing spectacular or off the map but there are a couple surprises and twists I think.


Overall :

Lamya – Great room. Very solid, an excellent challenge, lots of fun and lots to do in the time you’re given. A perfect choice for those who’ve done a few escape rooms.

Jason – This room is very solid but the whole experience was just excellent because of how the hosts treated us. They were so helpful and enthusiastic and encouraging. They really made us feel welcome and we had a great time. We need to do their other room with a larger group of people the next time we’re in Calgary. Volunteers?