Breakout (East Edmonton)

General Info

Atmosphere upon arrival:

JasonBreakout East’s atmosphere is very similar to their other location. It’s nothing special but the staff is very friendly throughout the whole process.

LamyaWhat Jason said. It’s not about a fancy lobby, it’s about getting to it, which I really appreciate. The process of walking through the door and getting into your room is really smooth and fast…nothing else necessary.


Jason– Service is great. We really like Breakout’s vibe and their staff is always pretty good. They’re enthusiastic but not too much. They’re knowledgeable and know just what to say and do when you need to ask for a hint in your room. Always pretty solid service at Breakout.

Lamya – Very good. There’s just nothing amateur-ish about Breakout’s service, in all three locations we’ve been in. They are friendly and efficient, and they get that you’re there to do an escape room and not spend 10-15 minutes dawdling and waiting for them to remember what to say (which happens fairly frequently at other places). As Jason said, very solid.