July 2016

Lamya and I did this room as a couple and we did not technically escape. This room has two elements that you need to complete in order to say that you successfully completed the room and we only got through one of those things. We were basically 99% complete. People ask us all the time whether certain rooms are scary. I would say that this is one of the few rooms that can get a little scary. Keep that in mind.

Challenge Level:

Jason – This is not a beginner room but it’s not the most difficult room we’ve ever done either. The challenge level is very solid. Without giving anything away I will just say that you definitely have to pay attention in this room. Attention to detail is key. That’s the biggest thing with this room.

Lamya – This is a great challenge and it would certainly help to have more than just straight-line thinkers (that’s me!) in this room. There’s a lot to be done in 45 minutes but you can really power through if you can get the rhythm early on. We did not, unfortunately.


Jason– This room doesn’t break the mold in terms of the storyline but the creepy/haunted child angle is always a good one for escape rooms. It creates a really exciting atmosphere to do an escape room in. The design has things we’ve seen before but there are some other things that we haven’t seen before. Not quite the ‘wow factor’ type of stuff but just design and puzzle combinations that work well together. I really liked a lot of the puzzles in this room. We had some good momentum for a stretch and it felt really good. My main critiques will go in the ‘wow factor’ section.

Lamya – Here’s the thing about a good escape room: it has to be creative to be fun. But sometimes, with that creativity comes a certain level of finickiness in some of those puzzles. So if you asked me “Would you rather have an unoriginal room that works all the time or a creative room that has some issues?” I’d pick the latter, and I think this is where Anna fits in. We really enjoyed the variety of puzzles and ways to solve them in this room, we really did, but it’s one of those things that you must do it in the EXACT right way at the EXACT right time in the EXACT degree necessary to unlock the puzzle. That happened to us like 3 or 4 times in this room, where we actually did the right thing, but all of those finicky exacts were just off. Once again, with creativity comes those pitfalls, and I’ll take it, but it can be frustrating.

(PS – I chose to put this here and Jason writes about this just below in the Wow Factor section. We wrote these reviews independently of each other, as always, and I can’t believe how similar they are! So excuse the repetition, but it just reinforces the point).

Wow Factor:

Jason Here’s the thing with wow factor. When you have an escape room with some cool gizmo or trap door or something like that then you need to make sure it works perfectly EVERY time. The more finicky the object the larger the chance of it not working properly and tripping up someone’s momentum can be. I think this is what happened to us in this room. It may not happen to you and it probably won’t happen to you but when something doesn’t quite work the way it’s supposed to it can really slow you down. We wasted a lot of time in this area when something wouldn’t quite work the way it was supposed to because there was just a minuscule difference in the way we approached it. Everybody wants to do an escape room where cool ‘wow factor’ type of stuff happens but the down side of that is sometimes things don’t quite work the way they should.

Lamya – See above (x2).


Jason– I really liked this room. Almost all the things I liked about it were cancelled out by some of the things that went wrong for us. My main problem was that we wasted too much time on things that we had actually done right but we didn’t know it because the thing didn’t work properly. I would still definitely recommend this room though. It has good space for 4 or more people especially and it has some cool effects that (when working properly) are a lot of fun. The overall experience was soured a bit but Breakout is usually always so consistent so we’ll chalk it up to just not being the best night for us or the room.

Lamya – Yeah, it was a frustrating outing, for sure. I liked the room and it’s a great challenge and if you can happen to be precise enough to solve the creative puzzles, then you’ll have a wonderful time here. If not, which I suspect is the case with a lot of people who might try this room, it can feel like your hard work didn’t amount to much. I could recommend this room, just make sure you’re in an extra cheery, extra patient mood that day, lol.