June 2016

We did Ark as a group of six family members and we did not escape. We made some great headway but really struck out on a couple puzzles and ran out of hints to help us all the way through. We’d say we were about 90% of the way.

Challenge Level:

Jason– There is a very decent challenge level to this room. There is a consistency to the theme that I also really enjoyed. You’ll see what I mean when you go there. There is a variety to the challenges as well. It’s really great for a big group of six. Even the more difficult challenges were fun to try and figure out.

LamyaThis is a great room for anyone who’s done at least 5 rooms and for a decent-sized group. I would highly recommend going with at least 4 people, if not six, like we did. This is not a starter level room, but the puzzles are well-designed and force you to think in a few different ways. It’s a really great test!


Jason– Full points for creativity in this room. I really like Breakout’s approach to their escape rooms. I’ve done so many of them now that they start to feel familiar but never the same as any other room. They put a lot of thought into their puzzles and challenges and also the look and feel of each of their rooms. I’ve never done a room with the same theme as Ark and I really enjoyed it from start to finish, even though we didn’t escape.

Lamya– Jason and I agree on almost everything about this room, so I won’t repeat too much, but this is a really great room in terms of the look of the room (super cool!  I haven’t seen a room like this in the dozens and dozens we’ve been through), puzzle creativity, and the path you have to take to get through the room.

Wow Factor:

Jason– I think there are a few little surprises and twists in this room. Nothing spectacular but all very solid. Definitely one or two things I haven’t seen before. A lot of fun.

LamyaWhat Jason said!


Jason– This was my first experience at Breakout’s new facility in east Edmonton and I really enjoyed it. I appreciate everything that Breakout does with their escape rooms. I can always recommend them to people and feel that they’ll almost never be disappointed. Ark is a very solid room for groups of four or more. You could even do it with two people but you’d really have to move to get everything done. This happens to us quite often but we did a room at E-Exit after this room and we escaped but I think that overall we had less fun in that room. We didn’t escape from Ark but I think we all had fun in the room. It’s weird but I just always have a great time at Breakout. I definitely recommend this room and Breakout East in general. I’m looking forward to trying the new rooms they have and are working on in the future.

Lamya – A great experience. The whole experience was very professional from start to finish. It’s a great sign when you fail in a room but still had a great time and felt energized by the puzzles and the experience. I really enjoyed that even with six of us, we all had something to work on through the entire 45 minutes without getting in each other’s way or waiting on someone to solve a puzzle. In our experience, Breakout rooms are very sound and well worth the time and money! Ark falls into that category!