Lamya and I did this room with her sister and two kids. These two kids are our secret weapon. They are great at escape rooms because they notice so many details that we miss. We are happy to announce that we escaped the room!

Challenge Level:

Jason– Breakout says this is their easiest room and that is definitely true. It’s a great room to do with kids. There aren’t any jump scares but things can get a tad creepy. The easier puzzles definitely help build the momentum and the feeling of working as a team really makes for a positive overall experience. This isn’t the easiest room we’ve ever tried because there are some tricky sections but the challenge is great for a group that includes a couple younger ones in the mix.

LamyaWhat Jason said! This is a great room to do with kids thanks to the theme and the ease of the puzzles. It’s not a cakewalk but if you’re paying attention and not playing against your instincts, you’ll do fine!


JasonFirst of all, kudos for this haunted classroom type theme they have going on. We haven’t quite seen this before so that was nice. There is definitely creativity when it comes to the variety of puzzles and challenges the room offers. Everything really makes sense in this room and all the puzzles really fit the theme.

Lamya– It was pretty cute. It fit the creepy classroom theme very nicely and the look helped to immerse you in it. There were a few cool puzzles that aren’t totally new but presented in a different way that helps make them feel fresh, especially for those who’ve done lots of rooms!

Wow Factor:

Jason– There is not much for wow factor in this room but everything worked properly (which was a nice change) and there were some pleasant effects for sure. It felt like the first time I did a Breakout room on the west side and this gave me a lot of those same feelings of satisfaction when we finished the room.

Lamya– It’s a pretty straightforward room and while we as adults didn’t find a lot of wows, the awesome part about doing rooms with kids is they really get excited for almost any progress and so this room was wow enough for the kids.


Jason– This was an entirely pleasant experience from beginning to end. This has all the elements of an escape room that Breakout does well. They make good use of their space, have clever puzzles, and just enough tech and surprises to keep you on your toes. It was a nice change to be able to do this room with kids and this is a pretty good starter room for sure. Our last experience at Breakout East was such a bad one that I’m glad to finally have that bad taste out of my mouth. I also want to commend Breakout East for churning out the new rooms on a pretty regular basis. Both Breakout locations have found a decent turnover rate while at other escape room places like ******* it feels like their rooms are getting more and more stale with each passing month.

Lamya – Jason summarizes it pretty well. It’s a fun challenge especially with kids. Nothing to complain about with it but it probably won’t make any of our Top 5s.