Diamond Heist

February 2017

We did Diamond Heist as a couple and the max recommended for this room is four people. We did not escape and we only got about 25% through this room. It’s safe to say that this is one of our worst performances ever and also one of the worst experiences ever in an escape room. Excited to read our review now?

Challenge Level:

Jason- I think that if everything is working properly this room would be towards the more difficult side of the spectrum. To begin with the challenge is fairly straightforward but if the room isn’t working properly then it makes things much harder than they need to be. Although we failed miserably we were shown how the rest of the room plays out and things get progressively more difficult but once again I have to stress that is if, and a big IF everything is working properly. For us things were not working properly. You’re going to notice a theme here.

Lamya – Well, I don’t know really. The initial puzzle is a simple one to get you into the room and admittedly, we were having a bad day and couldn’t even get that. But afterwards we started running into so many technical problems that who knows? We solved some puzzles but the fact that you never know if you have…is that a high degree of difficulty for you as the player or for the owners in terms of maintenance? Tiny bit of the first, LOTS of the second.


Jason– We’re starting to see some more heist-themed rooms pop up in Edmonton and I welcome that. The heist theme is pretty fun in theory. The idea of trying to break into a room to steal something instead of trying to break out of a room is a welcome twist to the same old escape room tropes. I think like usual this room does a fairly good job of making use of the space that is available and their effects (when they work) are not bad. Unfortunately we weren’t really able to see most of these effects working properly. This is extremely frustrating. The rest of the layout of the room that we were shown afterwards is pretty good as well. I do have my doubts now that anything would be working properly if you were to attempt this room in the near future.

Lamya While there’s a lot going on in this room, there’s not a lot I haven’t seen. The guy helping us out was nice enough to show us through after we failed miserably. There are some neat parts to the room and I could see that even if we and the room were working that day, that creativity could translate to frustration. Since I’ve had some time to simmer down, I’d say that I applaud them for trying to make this room as high-tech as they did and for trying a few different things. That said, as I’m sure you’ve figured out, those ambitions don’t always translate into a functional room.

Wow Factor:

Jason- We were not really able to experience any wows in this room. Could some neat things happen if everything were working properly? Sure. Mostly it was pretty underwhelming.

Lamya – “Woooooow another thing that didn’t work?” That kind of wow.


Jason- Here’s the thing: this was not a fun experience for us. In fact, it was pretty demoralizing. We started the room like we start most rooms- fairly clueless. We were dumb to start and we needed help to get going. This was mostly my fault. I was not communicating and the beginning is fairly straightforward. From that moment on things were not really our fault. The next difficulty we encountered was a technical error so we had to call for help to get it to work. The person helping us was not really even that helpful. As we moved on we started to get some momentum and then ran into another technical difficulty. This is where we stalled out. We were doing things by trial and error at this point but you could tell that the room’s technology just wasn’t functioning the way it was supposed to be. Once we finally ran out of time we were actually relieved to be done. The guy came in to show us how things worked and even he couldn’t get things to work properly. It was just plain dumb. Here’s my mini rant on this subject for those of you who are still reading to this point. When you do an escape room there is usually an employee watching you on video to see how you’re doing. If you care about your job at all you might pay attention to see why exactly the group doing your escape room is having a tough time. Are they just stupid or are there some malfunctions that are slowing them down? If it’s the latter maybe you want to pop in and help them out. Nobody helped us. Nobody cared. That’s the bottom line. Now we probably came to Breakout on a bad day for them but we just didn’t really feel any love from this visit to Breakout. I’m sure Lamya has a lot more to say on the matter.

Lamya – You get it. We really hated this experience. We can own up to the fact that we just weren’t thinking that day, but with the technical issues, the fact that the staff didn’t give us more time (maybe that was more merciful) when the stuff broke down and there was just no real concern about the malfunctioning, it’s just a recipe for someone to say “This is NOT worth it.” If this was my first room, I’d never do another one, and certainly not at Breakout East (even though we haven’t minded the other rooms). I think if more escape room places could ask themselves that question before they opened each room (“If this was my first escape room, would I play escape rooms again?”) then maybe they’d be able to understand how some rooms are clever in theory, but failures in practice.