Breakout (West end)

General Info

Atmosphere upon arrival:

Lamya – This is the plainest of all the escape room places in the city. Not that it’s a bad thing, especially if all you really care about is getting into the rooms (and that is the point!). That said, they do have a cool time wall that shows each room and the top three times for each. The chalk artwork is colourful and cool. Breakout does a lot with a little space. They occupy a tiny section of a strip mall across from the old Mayfield Inn, so they’ve opted to use the space for the rooms and not for a fancy lobby.

Jason – It’s black and narrow inside. It’s really a complete mystery about what goes on in the building once you walk inside. They do the best with the room that they have but things can get a little tense when one group is leaving an escape room. Groups tend to immediately want to talk about what just happened and sometimes that can give stuff away. The staff at Breakout try to discourage people from doing this but it’s just something to think about.


Lamya –  Just like the atmosphere, the service is fine and straightforward. The staff is professional and gets you through the sign-in and waiver process quickly and efficiently so you can start escaping. There’s nothing special about it but there’s also nothing bad about it. They’re also really friendly and good over the phone if you have to make your reservation that way, if you have questions, or you have to adjust a reservation.

One minor note: The one thing Breakout didn’t offer us any of the times we went (but they do regularly, as evidenced on their FB and Instagram) is a photo afterwards. It’s always fun to leave on that note whether you’ve succeeded or failed. It wasn’t, obviously, a deal breaker, but just something that would have been a little momento.

Jason – The staff at all of these escape room places is always pretty young but they’re always excited about telling you about the games and helping you through them so that you’ll have the most satisfying experience. Breakout is no different. It’s a good crowd.