We did this room with the full complement of 6 players, who were family and friends. We did a really good job and hopefully this doesn’t give too much away, but we had a shot at solving the room at the end and made a wrong guess. So we made it 95% through!

Challenge level:

Lamya – This is great room with a unique challenge right off the top. I won’t give it away, but you will NOT solve this room with strangers (as Jason’s brother can attest to) and you will still likely not solve it if the people you know and go with are bad at communicating. This room more than any other room in the city requires clear and constant communication. For that reason, it’s a hard room, but in the best way. There’s a ton of work to be done in the 45 minutes, and it’s a really rewarding room in that every puzzle you solve, you feel the progress you’re making. The challenge is a tough one, but a really exciting one.

Jason – This room provides a number of different challenges. It’s hard to talk about most of them without giving the room away but it is a ton of fun. They create a really amped up feel to things as you move through the challenges and it’s very exciting. It is very challenging but doable.



Lamya – Ranks as one of the highest in creativity, just in terms of the design of the room and the puzzles. The visuals are really neat and completely immersive (the description on the webite says “Isolated Amongst the Vast Ocean” and you actually do get that feel). The scenarios in many of the other rooms in the city are just starting points, and ones that are easy to forget once you start working on clues. But in this room, you stay in that scenario and feel it even more as the time goes on. Try this room after you’ve tried every other room at Breakout. It’s awesome!

Jason – This is another one of those escape rooms in Edmonton that takes the concept of an escape room to the next level. There are many different ways to look at things when you’re designing an escape room and B.O.M.B. is a very creative concept. This room is such high drama! When I first thought of escape rooms I kept thinking that there would be lots of strobe lights. This room comes closest to that. I was completely immersed in this experience. There is so much to do and communication is absolutely essential. It’s a wonderfully designed room.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – I’m not sure about wow factor. There’s a ton of creativity, but not a lot of surprises. And actually, in this room, I’m not really sure surprises would work. You just have to solve A LOT of clues and make progress for the big culmination of things at the end. That might be the biggest wow factor. But otherwise, it’s really straight-ahead.

Jason – What this room may lack in surprises it gains in the overall cinematic quality of the whole thing. It’s designed well and if part of the wow factor is making the people playing the game feel completely transfixed to the experience then this room has that.


Overall :

Lamya – This room was so much fun and it really kept me thinking about it afterwards. We had a good group of people that worked well together and was able to get messages across easily and quickly. It’s a great room for those who’ve done at least a handful of escape rooms, and for groups that are really comfortable with each other.

Jason – This room is a lot of fun. It will definitely haunt you if you aren’t able to escape. I would suggest attempting this room with a big group of your friends and people you think you will get along well with. This room will test those alliances. I’ve mentioned before how other escape rooms are now doing things that tickle all of your five senses. This room takes that idea and really plays with it. It’s great fun and will probably go into the Edmonton escape room hall of fame.