Mayhem Ranch


January 2016

We did Mayhem Ranch room with four people, me and Jason and my sister and her husband. My sister has done two rooms before and her husband had never done any. They both did great for rookies! We made it about 80% of the way through the room.

Challenge level:

Lamya – This is right up there. It’s not a starter room, but definitely something to try after you’ve done a handful of the easier rooms in the city. Your brain has to work in a whole bunch of different ways on a whole bunch of different puzzles. There’s a lot to get through in this room, so you have to be on it right from the start. The room seems to start off with simple things to get you going and then it gets progressively harder, although I will say for geeks who’ve done so many rooms, we sure don’t learn much from experience to experience, haha. It could have really helped us in this case.

Jason – This room has a very good challenge level. There is a decent amount to do. I don’t think it gives anything away to say that the challenges are linear but the way the clues are presented can kind of distract you from that fact. Our group did a good job once we got warmed up but we did get distracted early on and that’s what hurt our chances of going a bit further in the room. All the puzzles were pretty cool and it was nice to be in a group of 4 because there were lots of different voices and perspectives to help move things along.


Lamya – This room is really cool. It looks very different than many rooms in the city, based on the room’s backstory (“This morning your team received an anonymous call stating that there has been suspicious activity of late night ruckus at an abandoned barn on the western side of town.”). It bears quite a resemblance in theme to GTFO’s Nightfall, but there are things unique to both rooms. In Mayhem Ranch, the puzzles are great (coming from someone who couldn’t really solve them). They cater to a range of different types of thinkers and the reveals are always interesting. Lots of care and attention went into this room and it was fun to make progress as we went.

Jason – The room looks really good. It’s on par with most of Breakout’s rooms. They always do a pretty good job with what they have. As far as feeling immersed in the experience this room helps with that. There are lots of details and features that really set the scene and as you move on there are a few different features that we’ve never seen before so far in an escape room so there are always bonus points for that. Lamya has already mentioned this game’s resemblance to Nightfall at GTFO and that’s definitely not a bad thing. Both rooms are a great example of the different directions that escape rooms can go these days. Nightfall and Mayhem Ranch are totally different in terms of puzzles and stuff so you can definitely do both of these rooms and not feel like you’ve been there before. The attention to detail in Mayhem Ranch is what makes it special.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – I thought this was one of the best rooms in the city for wow factor throughout. There are little ones to start and the end is the grand finale for sure (although we got a little demonstration on how it would have worked, because we never actually made it there). That ending is AWESOME. Really exciting stuff in this room and if you make it to the end, you’re rewarded in a way that I’ve never seen before!

Jason – The wow factor was right at the level where you are always excited about what could come next in this room. Like I just said before, there are a few things we’ve never seen before in an escape room so we really enjoyed those sections. We didn’t get to the end of the room but we found out what kinds of things happen towards the end and there’s even more wow factor there as well. If you have a group of at least 4 or 5 and move along this room at a good clip you won’t be disappointed.

Overall :

Lamya – We’ve been trying to book this room for awhile now and and it’s been full days ahead of time for months. It’s not hard to see why. This is a very well-thought out room with reward and a great challenge BUT also solvable for those of you who are really observant and creative. The staff was so great when we went and they seemed genuinely upset that we wouldn’t get to see the big ending, which was very sweet of them. We were disappointed in ourselves, but had a great time. Get yourself started with easier rooms and then book Mayhem Ranch well ahead of time. It’s worth it!

Jason – This was the very last escape room in the city that Lamya and I had not done before. Mayhem Ranch is always booked during the weekends especially and I think it’s because there are lots of people out there who enjoy Breakout and have already tore through their room selection. Mayhem Ranch is probably the newest offering in the city right now besides Sinking Boat at eEscape. Overall this was a really great experience. I was disappointed that we got stuck early and weren’t able to progress as far as I would’ve liked but it was still a really fun room. A tip to everyone out there: use one of your clues early on if you get stuck. You’ll start to gain momentum after that point and it’ll make the room more enjoyable. Mayhem Ranch is the level of quality that I’ve come to expect from Breakout. They always put good thought into their games and they put a good amount of effort into the room designs as well. I’m hoping that the competition among some of the more elite escape room places in Edmonton will foster a healthy amount of motivation and innovation in this industry. I also want to mention that the staff at Breakout were really helpful and excited to help us when we were there on January 27th, especially the guy who was helping us while we were in the room. He was great and since it was our last room at Breakout we won’t be seeing him for awhile. *single tear*