Secret Lab

January 2015

We did this room with a total of 6 people, all family and friends. We got about 90% through it, which was pretty good for our first escape attempt ever!

Challenge level:

Lamya – This was the very first escape room we did in Edmonton, so my view on “challenge level” might be a little skewed. This was a fun room! There are some good challenges for beginners and as you progress, you have to work a little harder and think a little differently. This is a good starter room and it allows a number of players to work on different tasks at once.

Jason – This was the first escape room I ever did. I had no idea what an escape room was. I just knew that you were locked in a room and had to get out somehow. I pictured a lot of strobe lights for some reason but that’s never really been the case. This being the first time I ever attempted an escape room, I took to the challenges pretty quickly. This is a great first escape room to do. You could even do this one with younger kids. It’s pretty linear with its challenges and things get harder as you go further in the game.



Lamya – The puzzles in this room range from basic to kinda neat. I’ll say this a lot, but it’s a good first room to try at Breakout because it’s really meant as an introductory room. It has some interesting twists and cool things to look at as you work

Jason – This room does have some cool features and it is a lot of fun to do. After doing nearly 20 or so rooms in Edmonton it does have a basic feel to it but it’s in no way a boring room. It has enough to keep you interested.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – This falls right in the middle for wow factor. It has a few cool things that get you going but a lot of it is also just head-down work. This room has survived a few room changes at Breakout and I think it’s because it’s the best room to start with at Breakout. Everything else gets progressively harder and cooler in the other rooms (minus Mayhem Ranch, which we haven’t tried yet, but I have high hopes!). So not the most wowing, but a good starting point.

Jason – The room is straightforward with the challenges and puzzles but there is a good amount of wow factor. It does just enough to keep you interested.


Overall :

Lamya – Secret Lab was my introduction to the escape room world. If I had hated it and the experience, we wouldn’t have done almost every other room at Breakout and in the city. So basically, it was a nice intro and provided a decent and fairly exciting challenge as a rookie. It could also be a really good room for a family.

Jason – This was my first escape room and I always suggest this to people as the first one they should try. It’s almost like the training wheels of escape rooms.