The Cube

January 2016

We were so close! This room is for 4 players and 4 players only, so we went with 4, Jason and I and Jason’s sister and her fiance. We were almost there, but ultimately failed. We got 90% through.


Challenge level:

Lamya – This is a good challenge, but not too hard. I felt really dumb in this room because there were so many puzzles that after somebody else solved them or we received a hint, I went “of course!”, so I felt like I personally wasted a lot of time on puzzles that weren’t that hard. As well, it will become apparent very quickly that there are certain parts of the room that will be integral in your puzzle-solving, you just need to figure out what they do and what to do with them. There are smallish puzzles that lead to something bigger, and you and your group can interchange these puzzles as you start to see what skill set is required.

Jason – The Cube! Definitely a good challenge. You can only do this room with 4 people and that reason becomes apparent when you begin the room. It takes challenges and presents them in a different way, which is fun for people who may have done their fair share of escape rooms in Edmonton already. Once again, things get harder as you move on and I think that the environment of this room provides its own challenge as well. We were completely hopeless towards the end and that was frustrating but it also shows how you can really get caught up in lose yourself in these rooms.



Lamya – Well, firstly: you are restrained in a chair, out of the view of the rest of your teammates, so that alone makes this room very unique. No other room is like this in the city. Secondly, for such a small room, there’s a lot to look at and look for. The puzzles are designed to have a connectedness that not many other rooms have experimented with. Thirdly, the final challenge is a bit different, if not really frustrating.

Jason – Very creative room. You start off in a completely different situation than you’re used to. The design and everything is pretty cool in the room as well. Communication with the other people in your group is another big deal in this room.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – A little bit. While there’s not a ton that gets the adrenaline going, there’s definitely a little something at the end that kicks you into another gear as the time ticks down.

Jason – The wow factor is a little different in this room but I think there were plenty of little details to keep you interested.


Overall :

Lamya – This is a fun room and not at all typical. It’s the second one I would try at Breakout, and if you have that smaller group of 4 and don’t want anyone else booking with you, this is the perfect room. I would say though that the ending may not be as gratifying as some other rooms you’ll go through (coming from someone who didn’t make it to the very end!).

Jason – If you have a group of four people and want a challenge then you should try this room at Breakout. It was exciting from beginning to end and has a wonderful design and progression to it.