Confined (Calgary)

General Info

Atmosphere Upon Arrival:

JasonConfined nice and spacious in the lobby area. They have this little board room off to the side with a conference table full of little puzzles and locks to play with while you wait. You also watch an introductory video there to get you ready for the room you’re about to do.

Lamya – Everything looks nice and new at Confined because it is. Basic stuff: lockers, waiting area, intro video and some games to play while you’re waiting. Like Jason said, there’s lots of room, which is actually a nice change from smaller lobbies where you can feel claustrophobic and hear too much when groups come out.


Jason- The service was good. We visited this place with Lamya’s niece and nephew and the guy there was good with the kids as well. He was knowledgeable about the rooms and was eager and excited to get us going. It’s everything you ask for when you go to these places.

Lamya – Service was great! What Jason said, and on top of that, our host was really nice about us running a little behind. I should also say the service extended into the room, where the hint system is a monitor. The first time we encountered this, I HATED IT. Confined does it right, though. They nudge you along and don’t give you the whole answer or inundate you with hints that aren’t hints. Kudos to them for that!