Alice in Wonderland

September 2016

We did this room as a group of five which included Lamya’s niece and nephew who are 12 and 11 years old. They have a good record in escape rooms and we escaped this room so their average just got a little better. This is definitely a room to try with kids if you’re in Calgary. Nothing will scare them and they’ll have a lot to be visually engaged by and maybe help out with a few clues as well.

Confined is one of the few places we have visited that actually mean it when they say that they do things a little differently. This Alice in Wonderland room is the first 3D escape room we have ever done. Confined boasts this as the first 3D escape room in North America. We don’t want to give much away here but rest assured that you wear 3D glasses in this room and it looks pretty cool. It adds something pretty neat to your experience and kudos to Confined for giving this a try.

Challenge Level:

Jason- Even though this room is good for kids it doesn’t quite mean that it’s really easy. It is on the easier side of the spectrum but there are some tricky clues in here that can trip up supposedly smart adults like Lamya and I. The best part about the challenges in this room is that they stick with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. If you like the books or movies then you’ll really love this room. There are a really good variety of puzzles to this room and it was always fun trying to figure things out.

Lamya – This is a great room! If anyone asks me for one to recommend in Calgary, this will definitely be the one. As Jason said, it was great to be able to include my niece and nephew, and while it wasn’t always possible for them to help, they were excited by the room, never bored, and they did help sometimes! It’s a good challenge, doable, and kid-friendly – a great trifecta.


Jason- Full points for creativity here. The Alice in Wonderland theme is perfect for an escape room. Who knew? Plus the added 3D experience is a treat and really fun for the kids. Does it get old or at least a little annoying after awhile? Sure, but it’s something brand new and they get full marks for effort here. The puzzles match the them and the room matches the theme pretty perfectly. Lots of little details here that are a lot of fun.

Lamya – The fact that this room requires 3D glasses and really pays off on its promises is enough to make it stand out in this category, but the puzzles are really cool. A few things I’ve never seen before in terms of puzzles. This room makes the best use of its space than almost any room I’ve been in, and it sticks to the theme for the entire journey. The design, of both the room and the puzzles, is excellent.


Wow Factor:

Jason- Hey, it’s a 3D escape room. What more can we say? We can almost guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like this room. It’s worth a visit.

Lamya – This room so awesome! We did this after nearly 50 rooms and to say that we’ve never seen an entire room like this one is a major feat! For wow, it gets you from the very first second and doesn’t let up the whole time you’re in. So awesome, that’s all I can keep saying.



Jason- This room was a lot of fun. It was fun to look at and fun to try to escape. The clue system is one where nobody comes into the room and you just look at a screen to give you prompts. I like this method and we definitely needed the clues we used. It’s a great room to do with kids or just people who like Alice in Wonderland or who want to try something that looks completely different from any other room. It’s not the best room we’ve ever done but we had a very enjoyable time and it was thoroughly refreshing to see so much newness in an escape room.

Lamya – So great! It’s just a fun, visually stimulating experience that a group of escape room veterans or a family with kids could enjoy all the same. It’s a wonderful concept and it really pays off in the room. It was a great experience and I’d highly recommend it!