Frankenstein – A Steampunk Adventure


August 2018

We did this room with our Calgary crew, three adults and three kids and we escaped with plenty of time left (48 minutes into the 70 minute room (more on that later))! We did a great job and there was lots to do but it was not without some major hiccups.

Challenge Level:

Jason – Most of the time there is a lot to do in this room. The challenge level is pretty decent but having a big team with you will help with that. Any level of escape room teams will have a challenge in this room at some point or throughout the room. I will say briefly that this room doesn’t need to be 70 minutes and it doesn’t need to be more money than all the other rooms at Confined. Lamya has lots to say about the rest.

Lamya – This is a decent challenge level. There’s lots to do for a group of six so that’s always nice. The mix of puzzles is nice and there’s a lot you can tell you have to do before you are actually able to solve it. However, for the 70 minute time limit, that’s a stretch. Most rooms have moved to 60, but if we can finish a 70 minute room with 20+ minutes to spare, better teams would race through that room in half an hour max, and the time limit isn’t really an accurate representation of the challenge level.

Further to that, nothing, NOTHING, annoys me more than a puzzle not working, the staff seeing this, waiting for us to throw our hands up and say “can you help us please?” and then they come in and THEY CAN’T MAKE IT WORK EITHER. This has happened once to me before and it left such a bad taste in my mouth. In this case, we wasted a minimum of 5 minutes on a challenge that the staff came in and told had to be done in a very specific way and then they couldn’t even manage it. That’s not ok.

Ok last thing: there was also another puzzle we had essentially solved 5-10 minutes before it worked because of a quirk (I don’t want to give it away) that basically means only certain people in your party can make it work. So that’s a grand total of 10-15 minutes wasted in this room.


Jason– People who like Steampunk will have an escape room orgasm in this room. I don’t really care at all about Steampunk but the set design in this room is fantastic. They did a really great job and they get full marks for that. There is creativity in the puzzles as well. A lot of thought went into these puzzles and I respect that a lot. Now they did have a problem with a really finicky puzzle and I think that they need to address that but I feel that the designers are standing behind their room because they want things to have a very specific level of challenge. We’ve done two rooms at Confined now and I would love to try the rest just to see the set designs. They do that good a job there.

Lamya – It’s a very cool room! There’s a ton of hard work that went into designing it, that’s obvious. There are some interesting puzzles. The steampunk theme isn’t overly original but there are touches in here that make you appreciate all the effort and energy it must have taken to build it.

Wow Factor:

Jason – We are still looking at how we define Wows these days. The main wow is the design of the room. The second wow is the creativity and narrative that goes into the puzzles and the overall story of the room itself. The ending is also pretty satisfying. A lack of a specific WOW shouldn’t count as a knock against this room at all. There is enough going on here to engage any escape room enthusiasts.

Lamya – There are a few wows in the room! Nothing crazy because you can sort of anticipate them, but there are a few exciting moments and the end is very cool!


Jason– Did we mention that this room was hyped to us by someone as being one of their favourite rooms they’ve ever done? Hype is a difficult thing. It gives you certain expectations. I tried to get rid of those expectations going into this room and for the most part I was still very satisfied with my experience. It was not my favourite room of all time but everybody has different experiences. That’s what makes these rooms so much fun. This room is an excellent room and it a lot of ways raises the bars for other escape rooms. It’s very creative and also maintains a certain story to the room, which other rooms often try but things get lost in the shuffle. My only two issues with this room were the puzzle that didn’t work properly for us and the price. I always knock rooms that I think cost too much for what they offer. Otherwise this is a fantastic room and probably one of the better Calgary rooms we’ve done.

Lamya – I want to give this room some credit but I really wouldn’t recommend it because on top of the glitches that kind of took me out of the room, this room is $35 a person and I have yet to enter a room for that much money that’s worth it. If you can get a discount, absolutely try it out, but that’s a steep price to pay for what might only be 40 minutes of glitchy entertainment.