dreamEscape (Leduc)

July 2018

dreamEscape (Leduc)

General Info

Atmosphere upon arrival:

Lamya – dreamEscape’s lobby is actually a board game cafe, which I can’t believe more places don’t actually do! They have a handful of tables, which were half occupied when we went. So many escape room lobbies have small games for people to play but you might as well offer it as an extra service, so I thought that was a good idea.

Jason – Board games mixed with escape rooms in the back is a fabulous idea. It just makes sense to me It looks like a cool place to spend a couple hours for sure. A nice and friendly atmosphere.



Lamya – It was great! Since we drove out there, we did two games in an afternoon. The staff was one person to start and he was great (I wish I had his name). He was friendly but to the point and he let us get into the rooms quickly. He was really knowledgeable about the rooms and the way to give us hints without ruining the puzzles for us. By the time we did our second room, another staff member had arrived and he was really friendly and outgoing and indulged out giddiness about heading into these rooms (and escaping them!).

Jason – Very friendly employees and they take you through the escape room experience in a helpful way that shows they actually enjoy their jobs. Crazy stuff! It was great experience from beginning to end in Leduc. You should definitely check them out.