Cold Case: Empress Hotel


Cold Case: Empress Hotel


Lamya – This is a good room for those who’ve done a few before! There story-line is really key throughout the room so don’t forget about it (many rooms just tell you where you are and what you need to do, but in this room, the story-line means something and you need to stick with it). There’s a decent challenge involved and while you should be able to make it out with moderate experience, it’s not a cakewalk.

Jason – A very healthy medium for challenge level here. This isn’t just an escape room, it’s also a murder mystery so you have to keep a lot in your head at the same time. There is a lot to do and there is a good progression to all the puzzles. It can provide a good challenge for any skill level.


Lamya – I really liked the hotel theme. They stuck with it and also made some parts of the room look that way, so I enjoyed that. There are some puzzles that are SUPER cool and that I have not seen before, so that’s always a bonus. Overall, this room felt fresh and original to me!

Jason – I haven’t seen this type of theme in a while. The set design of the room is great and it helps to make you feel immersed in the experience right away. They take the haunted hotel room theme and turn it up a couple notches here by trying to make you feel like you’re in a larger hotel and it’s not just one room that you need to investigate. This gives the room great scale There are really innovative puzzles here and they get full marks for creativity across the board.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – I’d say there was definitely a little it of that in here! As mentioned above, some of the puzzles are so neat and unique. The puzzle completion reveals are definite and great and so while there was no mind-blowing quality to it, the room built up a good amount of excitement and energy. 

Jason – I’ve written before about how the concept of Wow Factor has changed since we first started this blog. At the beginning it usually meant a well-placed hidden door or passage but now it can mean so much more. Sometimes there are video clues or audio ones. Other times there can be light effects or other cool tech involved. This room finds its wow factor in the variety of its puzzles, the set design, and one or two innovative things that they do that make moving through this room feel so satisfying. Even to someone who has done 100 or so rooms before.

Overall :

Lamya – If you’re in far north Edmonton like we are, making a trip out to Leduc takes some real contemplation lol. It was totally worth it (I would recommend doing two if you can). But the room is solid in each of the categories we have listed and everything in the room matters, which I am a huge fan of (this is not the case with many over-decorated and red herring rooms). I highly recommend this room!

Jason – For one of the newer escape room places out there this place has made a great first impression. Leduc is lucky to have it and if you’re anywhere near Leduc you should consider making the trip if you like escape rooms. Do two in a row like we did to make the trip out worth it! I definitely recommend this room to beginners or more experienced escape roomers.