The Puzzler

June 2018

The Puzzler

We finished this room with a few minutes to spare. We got stuck in a couple places and could have done a bit better.

Challenge level:

Lamya – There’s a decent amount of challenge in this room! You really need to concentrate instead of trying to go full bore on puzzles you half-know but there’s a decent amount of work for 4-6 people and you can really gain some steam. Some top-notch teams (not us, lol!) could probably do this room in just over half an hour (half of the given 60 minutes), but most will need the majority of the time.

Jason – This room may be a bit trickier than the hotel room. It’s a bit smaller in scale but there is still a decent amount to do. I think if you work together as a team well you can get through the challenges in a decent amount of time. I think tricky is the right term to use here and it really fits with the theme of the Puzzler who is trying to really mess with you so you can’t escape. It’s a decent challenge but still in that middle range.


Lamya – We were impressed with Cold Case at dreamEscape and this room similarly had puzzles that really utilized some different approaches and equipment. The room was interesting although nothing crazy or completely different than what we’ve seen before.

Jason – An impressive design but this one was a little more along the lines of something you might see at Breakout in Edmonton. The creativity when it comes to the puzzles and clues is definitely there and remaining focused is key. Some cool little details here and there definitely make this a satisfying room to run through.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – There was no wow in here but it’s a consistently rewarding room and momentum is probably more desirable anyways (and you can get that in this room). 

Jason – No specific wows but a lot of things that fans of escape rooms will find satisfying and fun and challenging. Sometimes all at the same time.

Overall :

Lamya – It’s a great room! I look up and realize I don’t have a ton to say about it, but that’s just because it’s a good, straightforward room where everything makes sense and you just have to put your head down and work with your teammates to solve it!

Jason – This room was also a lot of fun. We went into this room riding high off our win in the Cold Case room a few minutes earlier. We started strong but got held up a couple times. This is mostly because our team split off in a couple different directions, which we do sometimes, but this time all 4 of us working together could’ve moved things along a little faster. I definitely recommend this room as well.