Exit (Calgary)

General Info

Atmosphere Upon Arrival: 

Jason – Lamya says it all. The place looks very cool. Big and open with an aesthetic that gets you ready for escape room times.

Lamya Exit is a really cool-looking place. Very neon-y and futuristic looking (at least compared to any other escape place we’ve been to). It’s very modern, a little dark, and the Exit even has a smoothie bar attached to the lobby, which is something we haven’t seen. FUN FACT: the couple who so incredibly, awkwardly bailed on the room with us shared a few sips of a delicious-looking smoothie before the winner of a bf literally abandoned his gf, who was in from out of town for a weekend visit. Just honest-to-god took a sip of the smoothie, handed it to her, and walked out of the place without a word to her. We should have called the post BIGGEST RED FLAG EVER, but I’m getting way off topic.


Jason – The service is good. They’re all attentive and seem genuinely interested in helping you have a great escape room experience.

Lamya – Pretty good. They were helpful and friendly. We did have to wait awhile for one room as another group ran long. As well, after we did the first room and we wanted to do another, they kind of were a little uhhhh about it. I don’t expect a ticker-tape parade when we ask to (pay to) do another room, but they could have been slightly less blah about it. Later, we realized they may have been hesitant to pair us with strangers.