Ancient Egypt

We did this room as a couple and failed right at the end! We had a lot of time to spend on the last puzzle (these rooms are 60 minute rooms) and we still couldn’t get past it.

Challenge Level:

Jason–  We were 99% complete and the final challenge was completely too much for us. Our brains just weren’t working on that frequency. Overall the challenge is pretty straightforward and the clues and puzzles get progressively more difficult which I always enjoy. The final challenge isn’t impossible but it would have been nice to have saved a hint until the end so we could have actually escaped.

Lamya – This is a fairly simple room, but it’s still fun and rewarding to move from one puzzle to the next. It’s a great room for starter-escapers, until you get to the end. That last puzzle is a major stumper!


Jason– Creativity is high in this room. Both in the design of the room and the design of the puzzles. I’ve said this before but the Egyptian theme seems to really work for the escape room world. The room really has a great look and feel so they get all the design points here

Lamya – They really pay attention to detail in this room! It’s one thing to say this room is supposed to be an ancient Egyptian tomb, but it’s quite another to make it look and feel like that. They definitely did that here! The puzzles…they’re pretty good, but nothing too creative on that end.

Wow Factor:

Jason– I’ll probably talk about this when I write about EXIT in general but wow factor isn’t really something they seem interested in. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because they are at least spending their efforts designing great rooms and creating clever puzzles and challenges.

Lamya – Not really. It’s a solid room that we really enjoyed, but the wow isn’t really there. It shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.


Jason– We had fun in the room and always felt like we had a chance to solve a puzzle and keep up our momentum. The room looked great for sure. I’m disappointed we didn’t escape but we still had a great time.

Lamya – It’s a good, fun room, worth the time and money. The entire experience was great and I’d recommend it.