Buccaneer Bay

August 2018

bucaneer bay

It was just the two of us in this room and we escaped with very little time to spare!

Challenge level:

Lamya – Not bad! We literally needed a hint on our FIRST PUZZLE but most teams wouldn’t haha! It’s a good beginner/intermediate room. It has a decent success rate (around a quarter of those who’ve gone in have escaped). It might actually be too easy for veteran teams.

Jason – This room is on the easier side of medium and probably gets a little easier when you have more than two people in the room. I agree with Lamya that this room is definitely easier for more experienced teams. A good starter room or room to do with two people.


Lamya – Not too bad. There’s a decent mix of puzzles and you need a few different brain types to get a few of the puzzles right off the bat. Everything fits the theme but that’s not necessarily super creative (although I’ve always found Exit rooms in both Edmonton and Calgary devoid of that).

Jason – These Exit rooms in Calgary and Edmonton provide a decent amount of good room design and some thoughtful puzzles as well. This room is no different. Things may get a little familiar after awhile but the quality here is standard. There is nothing to blow you away but the design and puzzles will keep you engaged.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – Not really. It’s harder to come by, it seems, but there’s really not anything too exciting in here. 

Jason – No  wows. I will use this space to bring up the idea that darkness should not really be a challenge for a room. Just making a room dark feels sort of like cheating a bit. At the very least the darkness in a room should be something you can solve with a puzzle and then move on.

Overall :

Lamya – Good, basic room. I wouldn’t really want more than 4 people in this room at once and I would only go in as someone just starting escape rooms. A decent way to pass an hour (or less).

Jason – This room is right down the middle of the road. A good starter room for people for sure. Lamya and I only started to fight about halfway through this room and that’s pretty good for us. It felt good to escape as a duo for once.