Ninja House

We did Ninja House as a couple and did NOT succeed. It was a bit tough but we were really off and not working very well together. We made it about 80% of the way through.

Challenge Level:

Jason– There is plenty to do in this room. It’s probably a medium difficulty but we really got hung up in some sections. Things do get a little bit harder as you progress and the challenges are well thought out.

Lamya – This is a good room that has a nice progression of challenges. It starts off fairly simple and then moves you through harder and harder puzzles. The big challenge here is that it’s not as linear as many other rooms. Lots of people like that but it’s harder to get a feel for the room if you think in a straight line (that’s me!).


Jason– EXIT does a good job at designing their rooms. They all have a good look and feel to them and there is usually a lot of space to explore. Puzzle Progression and putting a lot of thought into their clues is something they do really well.

Lamya – Definitely some neat things to see an experience in here! They design fits the theme (which they seem to do really well here). The puzzles are a little different and harder than many rooms we’ve been to and that adds to the originality.

Wow Factor:

Jason– There’s one thing that bothers me about this room and the other ones we’ve done at Exit. Now sometimes when you do an escape room there is a secret passage or door or even just a compartment that opens that was previously hidden to you. This is awesome. I love when that happens. At Exit they don’t have this, which in itself is fine, but when you move to another room there’s just a door with a keypad on it to input the code. No real imagination there and it takes some of the edge off your experience. It’s nothing terrible but it just annoys me. That’s partly because I think that EXIT has some large spaces to explore and you think that maybe they could do something a little differently when you move from space to space. Just a thought.

Lamya – Mmmm…not sure. That’s weird. I think I’m saying that because for me, it wasn’t very wow-ing, but for some, the room overall could be one big wow. I liked the room and the design was great, but it didn’t make me gasp at any moment (that’s my way of measuring wow).


Jason– It’s a fun room that looks pretty cool. We got hung up on some things and that got frustrating but who knows, on another day we might have just flown through the room. It was definitely enjoyable until the end.

Lamya – It’s a fun room, especially for a group of more than 2 people. You can really benefit from different thinkers in this room, and there’s stuff that can be worked on at the same time. It’s a decent challenge for escapers who’ve had a few room successes in the past.