Exit (Edmonton)

General Info

Atmosphere Upon Arrival:

Jason– Exit looks like it could be your dentist’s office if your dentist’s office was painted all black on right on Whyte Avenue. Speaking of dentists, the building goes way back like a tooth. Lots of room back there.

Lamya – Very basic. Exit has a great location right on street-level Whyte Ave that should help them in terms of visibility. The lobby is the lobby. It’s very basic. They’ve decided to use their space on rooms, and that’s totally fine. It could get a little crowded in there if there were big groups. As it was, when we walked in, it was just the two of us.


Jason The staff is very friendly and helpful for the most part. Lamya is going to mention this but I get very uncomfortable when the staff enters the escape room to give you your hint and then sit there and watch you until you figure things out. It makes me feel like a rat in an experiment. They’re only trying to help but it makes me feel dumb. I guess I have performance anxiety.

Lamya – The staff was friendly. Again, very basic stuff, to start.

Later on, when we were actually in the room (the first room we tried here, Catacombs), there was one person training and another doing the training. So anytime we asked for hints, they both came, and often they stood and watched us. I really don’t like that. It makes me feel more like I’m doing a kid in school rather than trying to solve a challenge. So truthfully, while we really did need help, they spent way too much time in the room with us.

And the hints are not that. They are very tiny pushes in the right direction, and while I’m sure we all have different philosophies on how much info the hosts should give in a hint, for me, they gave way too little. At one point, they were just watching us flounder and we asked them to at least do the hot-cold thing. To me, that’s just not fun.

Lastly, while I can understand it to a certain extent, the staff are very tight-lipped about the room once your time is up. The first room we did here was not our best effort. We did not escape. But when we asked how the room went after, they said they couldn’t tell us. Fair enough. Then we asked how far we’d gotten and they said they also couldn’t tell us that. Come on. I thought that was pretty silly.