June 2016

It was just the two of us in this room and man did we suck! We did not escape. We had a really tough time getting started and we still had a ways to go (we can only assume because Exit does not tell you how far you got).

Challenge Level:

Jason- The challenge level is good here. It’s like a 4 out of 5 according to the website. Considering the fact that we were quite dumb in this room I felt like the first half of this room is a bit more complicated than it needs to be. Lamya will mention this but when you are in an escape room with books and bookshelves it is really annoying. Books are a massive pain in the ass. There are so many of them! Are the titles of the books a clue? Should we be looking in the pages of the books for clues? There’s just too many variables. According to my calculations, we probably got through about 60-70% of the room. The middle part of the room has a challenge that is much more enjoyable to tackle, even for people that are having an off day like we were.

Lamya – It’s a decent challenge, for sure. Exit ranks this as one of their harder rooms, and while I don’t have the others to compare to at this point, I think that’s accurate. The room is linear (I think I can say that without giving up too much), but you have very little to go on. That could help or hinder you, depending on how “on” you are that day. Definitely try this room if you’ve solved a handful of others in the city.


Jason– This is definitely not the most originally designed room in the world but it still looks great and I do think that most of the clues and puzzles were well thought out. I’m just getting tired of lots of books and bones scattered around the place confusing the hell out of me.

Lamya – Jason is always a little more even in his reviews and tries to consider all factors. I do too, but I’m quicker to complain or take issue with things (that’s my disclaimer!). In this room, it’s just that I’ve had my fill of lots and lots of books and lots and lots of things. While I do think this room is a good challenge, as I mentioned above, it’s cluttered and unoriginal and if those are things that bother you, maybe try other rooms first.

Wow Factor:

Jason– From what we witnessed there was no big wow factor or thing we haven’t really seen before. There’s one nice little surprise but that’s about it.

Lamya – Nope. It’s not boring, but I don’t think there was anything that wowed me in there. It’s actually on the opposite end: if you’ve done 5 or more escape rooms, you’ll be able to pick out key points in the room and you’ll know that something is going to happen there.


Jason– I think that on another day with another person or two we could have had a better time in this room. I felt like we had a couple stumbles early on that really hurt us and hurt our momentum and then just made us feel dumb. It’s hard to get back on track after that. Overall I feel like Exit will have some good stuff for people and it’s also in a great location, like InTrap. I appreciate the attention to the room design and story at Exit and can definitely recommend it from what we’ve seen so far. I also just want to add here that E-Exit staff were not allowed to tell us how the room finished. They didn’t give us the option of seeing how things worked out in the end. I felt like this was a bad move on their part. We have NEVER been told that we weren’t allowed to see how a room ended. We literally had no idea if we were inches from being done or if we had 90% of the room left to complete. I felt like this was a decision that is made by the corporate office and I just don’t think it’s right. We paid our $50 and we should get to see what happens even if we fail miserably. They want to preserve trade secrets or whatever but I think this decision will backfire.

Lamya – I think this room would be a good challenge for 4 people who’ve had some escape room experience. You’ll like having those extra brains in there and you can really start building momentum partway through (the room can take up to 6, but based on the space, I wouldn’t recommend that). We were having a stupid day, but this room seems solvable, so it could be a good test for mid-level players.