July 2016

We did this room as a couple and we came about as far as you could possibly go without solving the room. 99% with just seconds to spare but we were unsuccessful.

Challenge Level:

Jason – According to Exit this room is a 4 out of 5 on their scale. I would agree with that. Mostly in terms of the amount of stuff you have to get through in this room. The challenge and puzzles get progressively harder as you move on and I always like that. Lamya will mention this but there are some red herrings in this room and we hate that.

Lamya – This is a pretty good challenge. Jason and I used our hints in the exact right spots because there are a couple of difficult, multi-step puzzles that will take some perseverance and cooperation to solve. But it’s a great test for those who are already in the rhythm of escaping (or attempting to escape) a number of rooms already. This was the third room we did at Exit, and I’m not sure if we were just off in Catacombs (which we didn’t solve and was labelled as easier), but Clinic is a better option for your first room, no matter what the website’s challenge scale says.

And yes, as Jason mentioned, Exit does include “distractions” in each of their rooms, which isn’t rare, but we’ve just realized there’s enough work to do in well-designed rooms that you don’t need to lead people down the wrong path. So while that can be annoying, and you’ve been warned, Clinic is still a great challenge.


Jason – The spooky hospital theme is not going to win any originality contests but you can’t argue that this setup is perfect for creating an immersive atmosphere and there are just tons of places for puzzles and challenges in a room like this. They’re not reinventing the wheel here but this is probably my favourite room at Exit so far. It’s really well done.

Lamya – For anyone who’s been to Thrillscape’s Harvester Hotel room, Clinic is very reminiscent of that. The theme isn’t creative, but I thought a lot of the puzzles were. There’s great variety in this room…it’s not just lock after lock after lock. And the story ties behind the room and your mission actually really develops as you go through the room, which doesn’t matter to me, but I found it helped move us along a little quicker.

Wow Factor:

Jason- We’ve mentioned before that Exit doesn’t really do wow factor. This room makes up for the lack of wow factor by creating a really well designed room with lots to do.

Lamya – Jason is right. No wows here, but the design of the room is so fun and fairly well-thought-out that it kind of covers up for it, whereas in the other rooms we’ve done here, we didn’t feel like the room’s design or momentum could compensate for no wow.


Jason- I thoroughly enjoyed this room. My opinion of Exit up to this point was sort of meh but this room changed my mind. I think my main problem with Exit was that their rooms didn’t really excite me and I felt that they were kind of small as well. I still believe that 4 people is the max that should attempt any room at Exit but I haven’t seen all of them yet. Clinic is designed well and has a lot of puzzles and challenges to tackle. It’s a solid room and Lamya and I made some really good headway throughout this room. We had a slow couple minutes at the beginning but then we really got going. It was a lot of fun. I recommend this room for sure. The best room at Exit I’ve done so far and it makes me more interested to try their other rooms as well.

Lamya – Jason really says it all. I have been pretty disappointed in some newer entries into Edmonton’s escape world, but this one turned me around on Exit at the very least. I highly recommend starting with this room if you go there. And it’s worth adding that the service was also the best on this occasion too (thanks Madelaine, Ally and Tyler!). Very helpful and enthusiastic which helped to elevate the experience.