Division 37

August 2016

We did this room as a group of four family members and blew threw it in 32 minutes! We basically did everything right in Division 37 except one minor oversight that we are convinced would have saved us the 5 minutes needed to beat the best time!

Challenge Level:

Jason- This room is a perfect introductory room for a couple reasons. Firstly, the puzzles are fairly easy but they’re fun to get through and secondly, there’s no gore or weird stuff like that so you can definitely do this room with kids. People ask us this all the time so this one will come to mind right away when people ask about rooms to do with children.

Lamya – Exit has this room rated as it’s easiest, along with Medieval. That’s wrong. It’s by far and away the easiest room there. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun. It is a really straightforward room that doesn’t include too many other options for answers, so if it’s your first time or you just really need a win under your belt, this is the room. If you’ve done this room and failed, coming from someone who has failed MANY rooms, I’m not sure how you didn’t escape! This is one of the easier rooms in the city.


Jason– Once again it’s a fairly solid design and story that goes with this room. I feel like the theme helped Exit find lots of props to go with the room and those extra props gave the room a bit of a boost. The puzzles are easy but still well thought out. It’s definitely one of those rooms where you can gain a lot of momentum and everything just clicks for you.

Lamya – Not bad. There’s nothing new in this room. It’s straight outta the international military operation handbook for escape rooms, but there were still some neat puzzles that really made you use different parts of your brain and the room too.

Wow Factor:

Jason– No real wow but one thing you will not see in very many rooms in this city and that was kind of fun.

Lamya – Not really a wow, but a few exciting moments that helped move you along quickly. It’s a pretty straightforward room.


Jason– I agree with Lamya here. If we had failed this room I would definitely hate it! It would be infuriating to not escape from this room with two clues available to you. Don’t worry if this happens to you. Remember that I’m the guy who couldn’t escape a room that Lamya’s pre-teen niece and nephew breezed through. It happens to the best of us. Overall I can recommend this room to any first timers out there. It’s a pretty straightforward introduction to the world of escape rooms with no big wow factor stuff involved and also no gore and also nothing will jump out and scare you. Good for kids too. It was also fun to feel really smart in this room.

Lamya – Lots of times I say I liked a room, but not because we solved it. In this case, I definitely liked the room because we solved it, lol. It’s very easy, you can move through it fairly quickly, it’s allows for everyone to be doing something and you don’t feel too down on yourself afterwards. Like I said, if you need a win, this is the room to try.