June 2016

We did Medieval as a great big noisy group of six family members. We managed to escape the room but definitely needed to use our two hints.

Challenge Level:

Jason– According to Exit, the challenge level of this room is on the lower end of their spectrum. I would agree with that for the most part. Six fairly coherent individuals were able to maneuver the room with confidence. The puzzles are mostly well thought out but I think there are a couple towards the end that are a bit of a stretch. That’s why it was good that we had those two hints to use. I’m going to say this next part as a bit of advice to any escape room facilities out there that actually read this blog: Darkness is not a puzzle. Darkness is not a challenge. I understand that you use darkness so that groups will work as a team to help each other see the puzzles and clues and stuff like that but sometimes it’s just annoying and it’s frustrating to large groups. Secondly, making a room small is not a challenge or a puzzle. It’s just making a small room. If you say that a room is good for up to six people then it should be comfortable for those six people to be inside the room or rooms for nearly an hour. I felt that this room was too small for the most part so some members of the group get boxed out and can’t see the puzzles or clues and end up just waiting in a corner or something like that. I think that this room is nearly perfect for four people and there are things that you can work on simultaneously which is always nice. I just feel like sometimes these places are happy to take your money when you’re a group of six but you’re not necessarily going to have the best time as a big group. We did another room at another facility that same day and it was absolutely perfect for a group of six. Just something to think about when you’re taking a big group of people to an escape room.

Lamya– Jason and I usually differ in reviewing rooms in that I feel I’m kind of picky and Jason is more forgiving, but we agree here. I thought this room was a stretch for 6 people. You can comfortably fit 4 people in the room and they MIGHT have something to do (and see) most of the time. Any more than that, and half of you are just sitting around and waiting, which is a huge waste of time and the price of admission. This room got annoying that way. As for the puzzles, yeah, some good ones, some interesting ones, and the ones at the end were way too particular to do without a hint, in my opinion.


Jason- This room is not bad. It’s well designed and there is a progression to the puzzles. I haven’t mentioned that in awhile. I do think that some of their puzzles have some loose connections to them and they don’t feel as well thought out to me.

Lamya- Eh. I mean, there are some fun puzzles to work on, but creative? I don’t really think so. In terms of room design, it’s fun to look at, if you’re lucky enough to have a dim light to see it through.

Wow Factor:

Jason- Exit doesn’t really seem to do Wow Factor. They make decent rooms that are large enough to warrant the $25 price but there are usually no surprises. Now we’ve only done two rooms but even the Exit rooms we did in Calgary were the same. There’s nothing wrong with that but if you like surprises and twists then you should probably look at going to another facility.

LamyaTruthfully, we’ve seen very little wow in the last stretch of rooms we’ve done, and this room is no exception. You won’t be surprised by the progression of it, and while this isn’t a deal-breaker in this room (like the smallness and darkness might be), it’s also not going to blow you away at any point.


Jason– I had mixed feelings about this room and about Exit in general after doing this room. I think for the most part I enjoyed my time in this room. I wasn’t as actively involved in the room at times because I felt like there wasn’t really enough room to move around. I did like the momentum that we gained until the end and then felt frustrated at some of the clues. I think that if I were in a group of four people this room would have been a pretty exhilarating challenge. The lack of wow factor is kind of a drag because I really enjoy things like secret doors or little gadgets and sound cues and things like that. Exit is a chain of escape room facilities and, just like a restaurant chain, there is a lack of character to their rooms. They are very efficient and the design is not lacking but there’s just some spirit missing from their rooms. I would still probably recommend this room to others, just not big groups of 5 or 6. Do this room as a couple if you want to test the strength of your relationship.

Lamya – I felt I’d been a little catty about my first review at Exit (Catacombs), but now that we had this second room done and we actually succeeded, I knew that my initial thoughts were fair. Despite getting through this one, I didn’t enjoy the experience any more than I had the first time. It felt like, once again, the room was about 70% ok and 30% annoying, which isn’t a good enough ratio in my mind to spend your money there. This room sort of proved my overall theory at the moment: the great places in the city, which were also some of the first places to set up (Escape City, GTFO, and Breakout (both locations) continue to rise above the newer entries into the escape room world in Edmonton.