The Killer’s Game

August 2016

We technically didn’t pass this room but we were about 99% complete before time ran out.

Challenge Level:

Jason– This may be Exit’s hardest room but it is by no means impossible. I really liked the challenges that this room provided. You’re able to gain some really good momentum early on and I really like that. It was great to do this room with more than just two people. Towards the end a couple puzzles are a bit dumb but things end in a solid way.

Lamya – There was a decent challenge level in here. Exit has this as their hardest room and I think there were definitely some difficult things in here, including one puzzle that I felt was really difficult to figure out, even after getting the explanation. But if you’re looking for a challenge and really feel like you’ve beat some tough rooms, this could be the next step. You can also get on a bit of a roll at certain points in this room.


Jason– There’s a little twist to this room that some other escape places try and I like it. It starts you off with a challenge right away and forces you to work as a team right off the bat which is a great thing. I think the design of the room is solid and the story is just fine. Murder murder murder, is about all you need to know.

Lamya – This was the fourth (out of five) room we did at Exit and I really found it hard to distinguish between it and at least one other room here. That’s the only issue with Exit being such a big escape chain…things get a little generic after a while. There were a few puzzles that involved some different skill sets that spice it up.

Wow Factor:

Jason– We say the same thing all the time about Exit. It’s not to sound critical, it’s just the truth. No wows here or crazy things that happen or jump out. Just a pretty solid room in its design and implementation.

Lamya – Not really. I say the same thing about most of the rooms here: they are straightforward and can be fun, but they’re not going to blow you away.


Jason– I think this is a great room to try with 4 or 5 people who are looking for a decent challenge. The last couple rooms we’ve done at Exit have been pretty fun and that’s because we had the right amount of people, I think. I liked most of the puzzles and how things progressed for the most part. I will say that towards the end things got a little bit lazy and personally I think that’s because they ran out of ideas. Still, it’s a decent room for sure.

Lamya – It’s ok. Sorry to be so bland about it but while I thought the room was fine enough, it just doesn’t do much for me and even though we did a decent job in here, it didn’t really have that satisfying feel to it.