*Updated info on service, based on repeat visits, has now been included

Atmosphere upon arrival

Lamya – Maybe because it’s in a basement of a non-descript building in the downtown, Eescape makes me feel ready for escape rooms! The lobby has a couch to wait on, water to drink, lockers for your stuff and a wall where your picture will be taken afterwards, win or lose. The atmosphere is really casual and laidback.


Lamya – The staff is very casual and they get you through the waiver process just fine. Our introduction to the rooms, at times, was a little too casual and not always punctual. We even went into one very dark room and found out at our first hint that we didn’t have the flashlights we were supposed to have, so that was a little disappointing. 

Jason – The service is overall very friendly but a couple times we’ve been helped by someone who is a little too laid back. Like, almost asleep. And then he tells you about how tired he is that day. This is a turn-off. The person introducing you to a room is pretty important. They set the tone and it’s just always nice to see a person who enjoys their job.

*Just an update after our last visit to Eescape on January 17th. Our 12pm booking for Sinking Boat was one of the first of the day and they did not really have enough staff to help things move along swiftly. The person helping us and explaining the escape room to us wasn’t really into it. We mention this because this seems to be an ongoing issue with Eescape. It’s one of those things that can really affect the quality of your experience when it happens more than once. Just something to think about*