Back to the Future

January 2016

We did this room with 5 people and completed it well before the 45 minutes were up!

Challenge level:

Lamya – This is the easiest room at Eescape and probably one of the more easy ones in the city. While I think that’s a nice option to have, for me, there wasn’t enough challenge there. This was the one room, for me, that I never really got excited about. It would be one of the first rooms to do if you were planning on easing your way into escape rooms, but there are better options for rookie rooms (including Secret Lab at Breakout and Keller’s Magic Emporium at Escape City.

Jason – The challenges themselves are pretty good in this room. There isn’t really any progression to things and I’ll get more into the design of the room in the next section. The best thing this room does is keep to the theme of time and time travel- hence the name. The more that it sticks to that theme the better it does. There are portions of the room that feel completely random but I think the overall challenge is not too hard. We solved it and our solve rate is actually quite low. Sometimes when you solve a room too early it can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Like, couldn’t they have done more?



Lamya – There are definitely some attempts made here to try something a little different, and I applaud that. But ultimately, I think those little unique touches didn’t quite work and made this a frustrating room, even as it was simple.  

Jason – The creativity of this room had a lot of potential. I think they did the best with what they had. The room feels unfinished. Just not quite ready yet but they went with it anyway. It’s not bad but it is a bit strange compared to nearly every other room.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – Not much. This is one of those rooms where everything that’s going to happen, you can sort of see it right from the start. So you never really get shocked or surprised by anything, which is half of the fun of escape rooms.

Jason – This room isn’t all that thrilling. It’s challenging and fun and a bit silly but it doesn’t have those extra special somethings that a really good escape room provides. I’m probably being a bit hard on it but I think the room starts out strong and fizzles towards the end in terms of that wow factor.


Overall :

Lamya – This wouldn’t be my first choice for a room at Eescape, and certainly not in the city. There are more challenging and visually appealing rooms than this. If you plan to cycle through all of the rooms in Edmonton, keep this one ‘til the end.

Jason – I would have to say that this is my least favourite room I’ve done. This is weird because we actually escaped from this room. I just feel that there is so much more to offer at Eescape and other places in Edmonton and if this was the first time you ever attempted an escape room you’d come out of the experience feeling a bit confused. It’s still worth a shot when all the other rooms are booked.