Held Hostage

January 2016

This is the first room we tried at Eescape and we did it with our biggest group yet: 8, all friends. We were still very new to the escape room world, so we did okay by getting about 85% of the way through.


Challenge level:

Lamya –  This is a good challenge. It’s about the middle of the pack in terms of difficulty for rooms at Eescape, and just in general. It has some good, solvable challenges. When you enter the room, it’s basically a free for all. There are a few things that can be solved immediately, so you should just scatter and get to it. The ending (which we never got to but were told/shown) is very ridiculous though. Based on our experience and one other groups, the staff sometimes is unable to complete the final challenge we’re supposed to complete, so, you know…that’s bad. 

Jason – The challenge to this room is pretty basic and then gets harder at the end like a lot of other rooms. The great thing about this room is that we tried it with a group of friends who had not tried an escape room before. It was nice having a big group because it seemed like each person was able to help out in their own way to solve certain puzzles. There were also a couple things that were right under our noses the whole time and that’s frustrating. The end gets quite hard so I think having a large group is your best chance to finish the room. Although with a room like this sometimes you can have a bottleneck of 6 or 7 people trying to solve one puzzle. It can be exhilarating or frustrating. Depending on your personality type.



Lamya – Not bad. The setting puts you in the theme of the “Held Hostage” story, but nothing really pops that much. There is one puzzle in there, and maybe it’s because I solved it, that I really liked. Just a simple colour scheme thing that I haven’t seen done in that way elsewhere (I hope that doesn’t give too much away!). Another puzzle was really neat that was over my head but another of our team members got it after some frustration. It was pretty neat.

Jason –  I think this room is lacking just a bit in creativity. I feel like for the space that this room has wasn’t being utilized properly. Now, escape rooms are always making the best out of the spaces that they have. Walls and doors are constantly being built and put up in places where doors and walls don’t usually go. This is difficult. I just felt that this room had some dark areas where there really wasn’t much to see or do. Towards the end the room does get more interesting and I do think that the story of this game also gets more interesting towards the end.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – I would say there’s one big wow in here, but otherwise, it’s a straightforward room. Again, that’s never to say it’s bad, it’s just not going to really get the adrenaline pumping the way it would if there were 2 or 3 big surprises.

Jason – This room is on the lower end of the scale when it comes to the wow factor. It’s heavy on the puzzles and the teamwork aspect of escape rooms and not so much on the other stuff. If you get far enough along in the game there will be some things to make you say “wow!” for sure.


Overall :

Lamya –  I liked this room. It was our second room here and it continued to fuel our excitement for escape rooms. It hits the sweet spot for challenge level and offers enough puzzles to really keep a big group like ours working. But again, that ending, once you find out what you were supposed to do and how finicky it is, will probably raise your blood pressure. 

Jason – I think I had a lot of fun doing this room with friends who had never tried an escape room before. There’s enough to do and the room never feels claustrophobic in a bad way. You feel invested in solving the puzzles and helping each other out and that kind of experience is a key one for escape rooms. Now that I have so many other rooms to compare it to (even in Eescape itself) I find this one a pretty basic room. It’s great to try with a group when you’re just starting out.