National Security

January 2016

We did not complete this room. We went with two others, so a total of four people. We did well but just needed more time and attention to detail. We completed the room about 80% of the way.


Challenge level:

Lamya – This is a good challenge. There’s lots to do and you need to really rely on your teammates to get through some of the puzzles. This is one of the harder rooms in the city, so you should keep it for a little later on in your escape room ventures!

Jason – This room has plenty of challenges. so many different types and the variety and progression of this room is really satisfying. We did this room as a group of 4 and I’d probably say that 5 or 6 is best. There is a lot to do and it’s always better to have lots of help. There’s probably 20% of this room we never even got to do because we got bogged down in a couple spots but the challenges were always captivating and you never felt too frustrated that you wanted to give up.



Lamya – This room is fairly straight-ahead. It has some interesting team clues that must be worked on together, and it makes the most of what is a fairly tame and small setting inside. Go to this room for the challenge, and not necessarily any special bells and whistles.

Jason – This is another one of those rooms that you keep thinking about long after you’ve left. They create a nice little story to start you off and there’s a great feel to the design. This room is a lot of fun. I still want to come back and try to finish it (if anyone will go with me). This might be the most fun room at Eescape.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – Not a ton. National Security is about getting some work done, figuring things out and saving a country. But as far as wowing things go, there aren’t many in here.

Jason – This room has a great mix to it. The challenges are just hard enough to keep you going and there are a lot of details that add to the wow factor. The room also mixes more modern-type puzzles with classic ones as well.


Overall :

Lamya – While it might sound like some of my review is negative, it’s not. I really liked this room and would have killed for another 10 minutes to try finish it up. We could have benefitted from another two people being in there and working on things we were stumped on, or NOT overlooking some of the things we did. I would try this room after I have a handful of other rooms done.

Jason – Considering we failed miserably in this room I had such a great time. It’s been so long since we tried it and I still think about the little details of this room. If you’re looking for a challenge and you have a large enough group then I’d say that this is the one to try first at E Escape. You won’t be disappointed when you try this room and it’ll whet your appetite for more.