January 2016

We were not smart in this room. We went as a group of 5, all family and friends. We made it 80% through and got stumped HUGELY at the end because of our tunnel vision.

Challenge level:

Lamya – This is a good challenge! Lots of puzzles to solve and lots of different brain types required for them. The room has a nice pace to is, as long as you’re making progress. One of the harder rooms at Eescape, but worth the challenge!

Jason – This room is hard. There is no doubt about that. The atmosphere of the room makes it even harder. It’s creepy and scary and challenging. We also failed pretty miserably but there were a couple things that our group just flat out missed and certainly would have helped save us some time at the end. It’s probably safe to say that this is their hardest room and maybe one of the hardest we’ve done.



Lamya – This is probably my favourite-looking room at Eescape! The start is really neat (and frightening) and it creates a real atmosphere for the story and for your adventure. I really liked it and some of the puzzles were quite a bit more advanced in their design, as compared to others at Eescape and in some of the more basic rooms in the city.

Jason – Big time creativity in this room. This is a room that most closely resembles being inside of a horror movie. There is a lot in this room to experience. Things that tickle the senses and challenge  you and also just kind of creep you out. They did a great job with this room.

Surprise Factor:

Lamya – The best of all the rooms here. I really like this room. It’s got a lot of things to get you pumped up and your heart rate definitely quickens as you move through. Lots of wows and exciting features!

Jason – This room will satisfy any expectations you have about escape rooms- unless one of those expectations is that they be easy for you to escape from. There is a lot to choose from in the wow factor category. You definitely get your money’s worth.

Overall :

Lamya – This is a great room, maybe one of the first you should try at Eescape. Go with a big group, try to keep things moving and try to think logically at the end. This would be a great dinner-and-an-escape-room night out with friends.

Jason – There’s not much more to say. This room is a must try but come prepared to be challenged and a little scared. It’s a lot of fun and extremely captivating.