Sinking Boat

January 2016

We did this room with a group of six. All family and friends. We came about 99% of the way but didn’t complete the room.

**Based on our last few experiences at Eescape, we also changed our review of the service here, because things were certainly not handled as well as they could have been a few times we were here, and with friends who did Held Hostage just after we did Sinking Boat.

Challenge level

Lamya – This was a pretty neat challenge most of the way through. This room requires a lot of communication, and I don’t think it gives too much away to say that your group will be split up: the rescuers and the rescued (if you do everything right!). I liked this room and while it felt like there wasn’t a whole bunch to do throughout the game, it still made you work. It’s somewhere in the middle of all the rooms we’ve tried. The end, though. Man, that stupid ending. I don’t usually use that kind of language and I try to be fair, but the ending for this room was impossible, and it ruined the whole experience for me (Held Hostage has a similar, ridiculous ending that the staff members couldn’t make work for my group and another group that I’ve heard from). But more on that later….

Jason- This room provides a decent amount of challenge and there is a nice progression to the puzzles until you get to the end. The end is extremely hard and is basically why the room has such a low completion rate. It isn’t giving anything away to say that this room splits groups into two which makes for a different kind of challenge. This is probably one of Eescape’s harder rooms but if you take away the ending then it’s about a medium challenge. Teamwork is an absolute must and I did enjoy the challenge level most of the way through. I also enjoyed the variety to the challenges in this room. It definitely made it more fun. Until the end…


Lamya – I will say that in terms of the look of the rooms, Eescape does a pretty good job of trying to get you into the theme of things. There are more visually appealing aspects to the room that I never saw, being in one part of the room and not the other. But I guess that alone makes it pretty creative. As for puzzles, I thought, again, it was in the middle for creativity. Some interesting stuff, but nothing crazy.

Jason- Anytime you split a group into two or more smaller groups you are already starting at a different level of creativity. The room has a pretty good story, although I would have been a little more into it at the beginning if our host had explained things a little better. The atmosphere in the room isn’t bad. It’s not as intricate as Samara but not as bare bones as Back to the Future. It’s pretty good. There was definitely some thought put into the puzzles and clues.

Wow Factor

Lamya – There’s definitely some wow here. If all goes well and you all join up to try to get out of the Sinking Boat at the end, there’s a pretty decent surprise for the group, which was very neat!

Jason- This room has just enough to keep you intrigued in terms of wow factor. There’s something we haven’t seen in another room so I’ll give them that. There are some cool bells and whistles that are all at the level we’ve seen before at Eescape.


Lamya – I don’t want to repeat too much, so I’ll just say I CANNOT recommend this room. Working within Jason’s analogy below, if you remember how you felt when you watched the series finale for The Sopranos, that’s how I felt with this room. I felt cheated and I was actually kind of mad. I don’t suggest this room for that reason. It will make you feel like you wasted your time and your money. But see Jason’s comments below. I totally agree.

Jason- Ok, so let’s talk about the end. The end is really hard. It’s almost impossible. Only 6% of groups that attempt this room succeed and I would have to say that it’s all because of the final challenge of this room.  I felt that this was an unnecessary amount of difficulty. It feels like they made it hard just for the sake of making it hard and they didn’t really want that many people to complete the room. I felt that our group did a pretty great job getting almost there and then we just hit a wall that we spent nearly 10 minutes on. That’s like a great movie with a horrible ending. You just have a bad taste in your mouth at the end. It’s too bad because I did have a pretty good time in that room. When we were done one of the employees said that some people spend 15 minutes on that final challenge and still don’t complete it. So what’s the point of that?