Escape City

General Info

Atmosphere upon arrival:

Lamya – Things are very simple and easy when you arrive at Escape City. The lobby area is spacious and has a clean look (and a very effective and simple photo wall, which you may have seen if you follow Escape City on Instagram). There are lockers available and benches to hang around on while you wait and get ready.

Jason – It’s clean and cool inside. Other places have little puzzles and games around to get you in the riddle solving mood but but here it’s just a simple waiting area.



Lamya – It’s great. We’ve encountered a few different people when we’ve gone and those getting us set-up and filling out waivers have been super friendly, helpful, and excited for us. It’s a really nice way to start the experience (and they’re also great when you leave too).

Jason – Everyone is friendly and helpful. They’re genuinely interested in whether or not you have a good experience.