Keller’s Magic Emporium

August 2015

We did this room with a total of 6 people, all of them relatives and/or friends. We completed the room in less than 23 minutes!


Challenge level:

Lamya – This is a great first escape room. It’s a nice way to ease into the hobby because while there’s still enough of a challenge, it’s not what I would call advanced, and it’s fairly simple and straightforward. If you go with the max of 6 people, there should be enough different thinkers to get through all of the puzzles before your 45 minutes runs out.

Jason – This room hits the sweet spot between challenging and easier puzzles. There is enough to do that keeps the momentum and excitement going throughout the whole 45 minutes (if you need it). Doing the room with a full group of people means that there will always be something to do. If you get stuck on one puzzle you can move to another.



Lamya – This is a visually cool room. It’s tiny but has nice attention to detail. And there are a few puzzles that are really kind of neat, and fitting with the theme.

Jason – The design of this room is a lot of fun. There is a lot to stimulate the senses and help you get lost in the illusion (pun!). It’s a beautiful room. Lots of attention to detail.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – There’s definitely a neat part to this room that gets the adrenaline pumping. And there’s one puzzle involved that we’ve never seen in any other room in the city. A very, very cool surprise!

Jason – This room has plenty of surprises. There are a couple things we experienced in this room that we’ve never seen before.


Overall :

Lamya – I really like this room and I highly recommend it for beginners. It should lead to the start of your healthy escape room addiction!

Jason – If this is your first experience with an escape room and you don’t like it then escape rooms are probably not for you. This is everything you want in an escape room.  You’ll want more of a challenge as you take on more rooms in the city but as an introduction this room makes a great first impression.