Frank’s Revenge

frank's revenge

August 2018

We completed this room with three minutes to spare! We did it as a group of four (as recommended by others in our party, this room really wouldn’t be great for a group bigger or smaller than that). One neat feature is that if you finish the room in the 60 minutes, it triggers a few bonus puzzles!

Challenge level:

Lamya – There’s a decent challenge level in here. Escape City has it ranked as a 4 out of 5 stars for difficulty and that’s about right. Definitely not a room for rookies and you need some different brain types in here. It’s a good challenge for the 60 minute time limit.

Jason – The challenges start out clever and challenging and then progress to something otherworldly. Lamya is right when she says you need a few different brain types for this room.


Lamya – There’s a really nice variety of puzzles in here so there’s always something to keep you intrigued and to keep the motivation up. But some of the little details that have made Escape City rooms stand out in the past were actually such a distraction in this game. Produced videos have become a hallmark here, but the video in this room was lengthy, unnecessary and eventually, after it pops up so many times, annoying. It really added nothing to the game and only served to take a person, or me anyways, out of the moment.

Jason – I will start with the positives. Escape City always puts a lot of care into their room designs and production and the hallmark of this is their video segments. These are always well done and fit in well with the room’s theme but for this room I find them distracting and sort of pointless. I’m also not a fan of escape room sequels. We’re starting to see them more out there recently and I get why these places are doing it but they don’t feel as satisfying as a brand new room. There are some “phoning it in” elements with this room and that’s something we have never seen with Escape City before.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – A few little ones. For the most part, you’re able to tell what solving a puzzle will trigger, so it’s hard to get surprised, but there are some little treats in here. 

Jason – There is a collection of mini-wows here and that’s fine. I’m being a little hard on this room but only because we’ve come to expect the highest quality from Escape City. This room is certainly not a bust but I do hope these criticisms find their way back to the folks at Escape City.

Overall :

Lamya – The room is fine and a decent challenge, but I didn’t escape feeling excited or energized. The video, as mentioned, is a bit of a slog, and there are just some little things that took me out of it (for the record, our other team members said the same). The theme is also fine but won’t mean anything to someone who was never in the previous room (The Inheritance). Overall, it’s ok but I’d recommend any other room at Escape City over this one.

Jason – Sometimes when you complete a room, win or lose, you just don’t feel as satisfied with the experience. It’s really a subjective thing and sometimes it just isn’t your day. We completed this room but I just didn’t feel as into it. The overall experience and atmosphere of the room didn’t affect me as much as other rooms at Escape City. The puzzles are challenging and I definitely recommend this room if you’re looking for a challenge. The last two rooms we did here (Neurological, and Arms McGee) were completely engrossing and also highly entertaining rooms. This one felt like a bit of a slog at times and the re-hash/sequel element fell flat for me.