December 2016

We did it! As of the date we are writing this, we, Team Cesar Salads (that’s not a typo) if you ever see the pic on the wall, are the record holders for Neurological! We escaped and did it in just under 50 minutes (the room has a 1 hour time limit). That’s a first for us!


Challenge level:

Lamya – This is definitely a challenge. It’s hard to understand what to do initially in this room and that in itself is a big hurdle. But each puzzle makes you really use your brain and your communication skills and without that, you could spend an entire hour in this room feeling hopeless and useless. We had our moments, but were rewarded with little breakthroughs. NOT a room for rookies, for sure, but a wonderful challenge for those who have at least 5 escape rooms under their belt (and especially if you have a winning record!).

Jason – This is a challenging room for multiple reasons. The first reason being that you will probably need a larger group than usual to tackle the room. Your big group will really have to work together to get going and make progress in this room. Maybe the most teamwork required since B.O.M.B at Breakout. You need to do lots of outside the box thinking in this room. You use your brain in all sorts of different ways and it is a real mental workout-in a good way! Take a big group when you attempt this room and bring all your big brain all-stars.


Lamya – I always say the story line doesn’t matter much to me as long as the room is fun and challenging with work for everyone to do and things just make sense. But this room has the best story line from start to finish of any room I’ve done. The production value of Escape City’s pre-room videos is unmatched (watch Neurological’s trailer here), and they commit to their theme the whole way through. Every part of the room makes sense. And the way they make this story come to life is really something I have never experienced. So creativity is almost the wrong word to use here because it’s a little beyond that…it’s unique and smart.

Jason – Creatively speaking, this may be the best conceived room we’ve ever done. From top to bottom it aims to be a completely different escape room experience in almost every way, while still showcasing all of the things that people love about escape rooms. The story line is extremely creative and every puzzle is very well thought out. You can tell that a lot of work went into the creation of this escape room. I will also say that to date this is the most people we’ve ever taken into an escape room (10) and for the most part they really make good use of their space in this room. As a general rule I would probably recommend not taking ten people into an escape room with you but this is as close as you can get to needing all ten people in your group. Escape City always goes that extra mile when it comes to designing their rooms and creating a story and they’ve outdone themselves in this room.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – This room is so sophisticated that the wows, too, are sophisticated. They don’t present themselves in the traditional sense (something crazy happens and you’re a little surprised and excited). The wows are built into the superior design of this room. When a room is this good, it doesn’t really need surprise trap doors or hints that fall to the ground from a mysterious place.

Jason – I think the wow factor of this room is just the sheer scope of the room and the concepts behind it. The finale of the room is the biggest wow of them all. We never like to give anything away when we review rooms and I won’t spoil anything here but the ending to this room is pretty special and is something we’ve never seen before and it is really well done. I’ll also mention that this room has unlimited hints if your group chooses to tackle the room in a less competitive way. I think this is a perfect choice for this room because, first of all, you don’t want to have a group of ten people leave this room completely disappointed and also it’s a larger room in terms of the time allotted (60 mins) and the price ($30/person).

Overall :

Lamya – This is a really great room. Lots of fun, lots of work, lots of smart puzzles to match the story line. We did go with a full 10 people at $30 per person, and I’m not sure that the room was worth that much to start because there’s not always enough for everyone to do. But the further you progress, the less of a worry that is. Overall, I really liked this room and would highly recommend it for big groups looking for a challenge.

Jason – This is a very impressive room. For people who have done a bunch of escape rooms before this is a great challenge and also a visual feast. It’s a lot of fun to tackle the harder puzzles with a big group of people as well. It creates a very exciting atmosphere. Escape City has a pretty good reputation already but this is probably their best room now. It’s not for beginners but the design and story alone is worth the challenge. Unlimited hints can also help the less experienced.My personal recommendation, for people who read this far, is that eight people is probably your ideal number for this room. I think that way nobody will feel like they’re just standing around for too long. With eight people there will always be something to do and you’ll feel even more invigorated as you make progress in the room. Highly recommended.