The Hunt for Arms McGee

September 2017

**We did this room when it was called Quarterback Sneak and was a partnership between Explore Edmonton and Escape City, hence some of those references in our review.**

We escaped this room in about 48 minutes, way less than the 60 minute limit! We were a group of 4 and developed some pretty good momentum thanks to a few different brain types, which we needed for the variety of puzzles!

Challenge level:

Lamya – We’ve been really lucky to do a lot of escape rooms recently that fall into that “sweet spot” and this is just another one. By that I mean there’s enough of a challenge for anyone, rookie or pro, and it’s solvable without being too easy! There was one point were we had finished, oh, maybe a third of the room and thought “did we just finish and blow away the record time?!” The answer was no lol. It was a really perfect level of challenge.

Jason – I would put this room just a smidge on the easy side of medium difficulty. It’s great for any group basically. Bonus points for all the different varieties of puzzles in this room. There’s something for everyone.


Lamya – Super cool! Given the collaboration between Escape City and Explore Edmonton, it’s not surprising that you see a whole lot of Edmonton in that room, but it’s still great! It really feels like you’re at home (even though I’m always in the city haha). It just feels nice to have these familiar Edmonton sites surrounding you in such close quarters. And also, it’s great to have such a refreshing theme because to be honest, I could live without another Egyptian mystery/haunted house/prison/freaky forest theme.

Jason – Whoever had the idea for this room should get a raise. It perfectly blends all the things the marketing people in suits want to include with all the things a nerdy escape room enthusiast wants to see in an escape room. Nothing feels forced or superficial. Everything is neatly integrated and the end result is basically the city of Edmonton condensed down into this little escape room. They should licence this room and have it in escape room places all over the country.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – The way I’ve been judging this category lately, given that we’ve done so many rooms, is by asking “did I see something new in this room?” and we did! Actually, quite a few new things! I really loved the variety of puzzles and there were some cool reveals but the wows are more conceptual, as in “this is such neat way to approach or solve this puzzle.”

Jason – A few different things could qualify under ‘wows’ for this specific room. Some of them I’ve already mentioned. Everything just works in this room and makes sense and there’s always a sense of wonder and fun and the most important thing is that you feel completely engrossed in the room the entire time. All the things in this room I’d never seen before were great and added to the overall positive experience.

Overall :

Lamya – This is a great room and I highly recommend it! You can make lots of headway as a new group and you can really gain some momentum and shoot for a great time if you’ve done a lot of rooms! If you go, don’t go with less than 4 because you’ll need a few different thinkers!

Jason – This is an automatic endorsement for rooms to try in Edmonton. The last Escape City room we did was so immersive and cool but it was a little big and you needed a large group to experience it properly. This room does not have the same issue. 4 people is the perfect number to try and tackle (pun!) this room. The fact that it’s a fun escape room AND it lets you virtually explore our little city shows us all what we can accomplish when we let the creative people in our lives and workplaces take the lead. Highly recommend!