The Cabin

January 2016

We did this room with a total of 6 people. We went as a couple and played with 4 family members, so they were strangers to us. We did not complete this room. We got about 60% through.

Challenge level:

Lamya – This is the most advanced of the Escape City rooms, in my opinion. And it might be for that reason that it’s my least favourite. I was extremely frustrated in this room. Barely anything is straightforward or linear, so the 45 minutes seemed very long and maddening. I think that’s probably a good thing if you have a good group of people who have different skill sets and can communicate frankly (read: you can yell at each other when things are not moving forward). So don’t do this room with strangers.

Jason – This room is definitely a challenge. Probably their hardest room (and newest room). We did this room with strangers and we did not gel as a team at first. It was a little awkward to get going and our progress suffered because of it. You have to be perceptive and work as a team extremely well to make good progress.



Lamya – Even though I wasn’t a fan of this room, visually, it’s probably one of my favourite rooms in the city. It absolutely feels like you’re in a cabin out in the middle of the woods. The story at the start is delivered in a unique and uniquely-Edmonton way. And the goal here is to feel isolated, which it’s sometimes hard to do in a big space with other escape rooms nearby and other people playing and making noise, but this room acheived that isolation.

The puzzles are interesting and appropriate for the theme, but honestly, I can’t comment on all of them because there were at least a few we didn’t make it to.

Jason – This is a fantastically designed room. Probably the most immersive experience you’ll have at Escape City. It’s a very cool room. Lots of details and effects to make you feel super amped up to play.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – Once again, there weren’t a ton of surprises because we didn’t get through enough of the room. I usually NEED to find out what comes next after we fail, but Jason is intent on trying this room again and finishing, so we banished ourselves from the cabin while our playing partners were told how to complete the room. So, while I would say the first half of the room, contains few surprises, it’s evident (even when you walk in) that there are some, you just need to get that far.

Jason – I desperately want to go back and try it again. I just know that there are things to discover that I’ll love even more than everything I had just done. It’s such a cool room. I guess I just don’t want it to be over just because I failed. I want to try again. Lots of surprises to this room for sure!


Overall :

Lamya – While this is truly a beautiful room, it just wasn’t for my straight-line-thinking brain. It was frustrating and not enough progress was being made to make it enjoyable. If you’ve completed at least half of the rooms you’ve been in, give this one a try. If not, like me, either keep this until the end, or go there with very few expectations and enjoy the view.

Jason – This room haunts my dreams. It definitely shows what an escape room is capable of. It lives up to that potential. It has a dramatic, almost movie-like feel to the action. I regret not doing this room with friends because I think that affected my overall enjoyment but I am still holding out hope that I’ll be able to try the room again some time soon and maybe escape.