The Inheritance

August 2015

We did this room with a total of 4 people, all of them relatives and/or friends. Actually, if I’m being honest, we did this room and the two above in an afternoon. We were really excited!! And we’re total addicts. We solved this room in just under 45 minutes!


Challenge level:

Lamya – This room to me had the perfect balance: it was challenging but not so hard that you found yourself stumped and just looking around. It felt like we were making progress all the time, and what I really liked about this room is that different people could be working on different things at the same time. It had a lot of puzzles to get through, and there were clues everywhere. This was my favourite Escape City room.

Jason – This room is chock a block with puzzles. There is a lot to get done in the 45 minutes. They have that perfect mix of solutions that are right in front of your face and others that require a more conceptual take. Each puzzle that is solved makes you feel more confident to attack the next one.



Lamya – As soon as they open the door to this room, you’ll see how wonderfully designed  it is (and it had extra sensory element to it that I don’t want to spoil but was a real treat). Even before they locked the doors, I was so pumped to be in there, that’s how great the look and feel was.

As for the puzzles, there were a lot of interesting riddles to solve and clues to put together. To me, this room had a puzzle that at least one person in each group could do, but without being too straightforward, and certainly not bland.

Jason – The design is beautiful and the room is filled with great little details. I don’t think it’s giving anything away to say that each room at Escape City begins with a video of some kind. Every one of them is different from the other and makes you feel immersed in the action right away.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – Lots of cool stuff in here! The surprises come in a minor way, but they’re satisfying nonetheless. I should mention that while we completed the room, we never actually got to experience that physically because what could arguably have been the coolest surprise factor in this room malfunctioned while we were there (which happens in these rooms, so we understood), but it was disappointing all the same. However, if you get far enough, you’ll experience it for yourself!

Jason – Definitely a good amount of surprises to this room. They really fill the space with a lot of stuff to tickle the senses. Our big finale was spoiled but a technical malfunction so that took away from things a bit.


Overall :

Lamya – I like this room, a lot. It’s not a starter room, but it’s great for your third or fourth time. Lots of stuff to do, a nice progression of clues and some really satisfying moments. If you have one Escape City room to choose from (and you don’t just binge them like we do), this is the one to choose.

Jason – This room is a challenge and you really have to work together to make progress. They do a great job to make each room have a totally different experience to it so nothing ever feels redundant. It’s a lot of fun and if it wasn’t for the malfunction at the end it would’ve been a pretty perfect one. That was just a one off problem though.